Ever since Forgotten Gods came out there has been an increase in the number of GDstash hackers on MP

It’s either him or thepowerofmediocrity. I know it was either one or both of them as they were very open about it on public discussion threads.

I personally played 95% of the time without GD stash.I don’t need it complete the game,but for comfort of seeing all the items and select what you need and not keep endless mules with items,cause this way you need time to search each one for item you desired.

Your daily “I dont understand what this game is about” troll thread. Moving on.

Noobs, the lot of you. I haven’t played a legit char since AoM came out. Get on my level :stuck_out_tongue:

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And seriously, who the fluff wants to spend hundreds of hours trying to farm a perfect MI to meet the holes in your build or enable it in the first place? Not fluffing me that’s for sure, especially not for armour or accessories, or for relic bonuses for that matter. Doing that once was more than enough.

Though I don’t need to GDStash for item sets pretty much thanks to now being able to transmute stuff. Instead I just get to spend some time farming and 'muting the duplicates.

I cannot make this thread disappear from my notifications (besides unsubbing).
Has Zeus put a curse on me for using GD Stash? :rolleyes:

[edit] for some reason the notification disappeared after writing this message. It must a bug of some sort.