Ever since Forgotten Gods came out there has been an increase in the number of GDstash hackers on MP

You can easily detect if someone has cheated their way to level 100 if you hover over a player in a MP server and notice that their reputation status is only at tolerated for most or if not all the factions in the game. Too bad this is not possible when progressing through the game LOL. :rolleyes: Seriously, what is the point in using GDstash to make yourself level 100 only to boast about it online? If your point is to cheat or make builds quickly, then do it offline. People don’t want your filth infesting the online community. I wish there were moderators that were able to ban these obvious hackers from using their modified characters online. :furious: It’s bad enough that these hosts can ban you from their servers for the stupidest reasons. ‘Grim Dawn Online’ NEEDS moderators, period!

How is hacking a thing in a single player game, or rather, Grim Dawn?

Fun Fact:
My GDStash-made toons have all reputations maxed. Thanks to GDStash. :smiley:

How on earth can you moderate a game that doesn’t have closed servers? You have to self-moderate by kicking them from your game.

I volunteer to be a Grim Dawn Online ™ moderator. My experience includes the mass-production of shit builds and nourishing my ego such that no amount of internet flame can even make me bat an eye. I am a proud adherent of the Cult of the Mine and will ban anyone that can’t beat Glad 170 in 2 minutes.

Thank you for your consideration for this most prestigious role.

Anyone who’s too lazy to adjust the reputation numbers at the same time as character level doesn’t deserve gdstash :cool:

Yeah,you’re right,amateurs.Btw I remember guy asking,if he will be banned in the game if he uses GD stash and answer was-yes you’ll not be allowed to reach your characters list:D.

That’s way more hand-holding than GD needs at any point.

Do you want to pay $15 a month for a grim dawn subscription?


Or do we leave shit that works well enough alone and ignore the whiny babies?

Sadly, it looks like I’m picking option D: feed the troll

That’s mean :'D

Fun fact, you actually can get to level 100 without getting even a single point of reputation! It’s called Crucible.

I mean, I don’t really recommend it (no armor augments would suck) but it’s definitely doable 100% legit.

Exactly. Then get a merit token from the last act and use it on the new toon to unlock all lower difficulties. Doesn’t mean the person is cheating. As for cheating in MP games in general, I notice way less hackers/botters in GD compared to Diablo3 or PoE. Because there’s literally no incentive to do that (other than create and test new builds and post them here, which isn’t really a bad thing).

Yes, if you plan on sitting there for a very very long time. Most people do not have that patience. It’s funny though how a lot of these guys here are proving to me that they’re cheating online. This only started in FG. It’s way more prevalent than it was in AoM. I never saw it there.

Is this another of your holy crusades against GDStash and other forms of modding?

I have played 2 toons to 100 with every available Quest made ingame.
Don´t need that for every build I want to test.

If that is cheating for you…well, who cares what you´re thinking?

I love how OP manages to sound like an arrogant prick in most of his posts.

In the end, what it comes down to is, why do you care what other people do with their game? Let it go, it’s better for you.

LOL :smiley: Look at all the hate from these guys that just proved to me they cheat in an ARPG game because you little 12 year olds couldn’t beat the game without some “assistance.”

When you have levelled dozens of characters and have thousands hours played, there comes a time when you need a refreshing way to experience the game you love: trying an endless stream of build ideas with GDStash is one of them. What’s wrong with that ?

I think Medea has already stated the obvious it’s impossible for the devs to implement an anti-cheat system without closed servers. The concept of closed server doesn’t fit their vision for Grim Dawn as we are approaching the End of Life of this project. Maybe this is something that can be addressed in GD II by implementing Ladders provided the devs want to implement something like that.

The only “12 year old” here is you, it’s a single player game people can do whatever they want. If it affects your MP play then ban them but what they do in their own game shouldn’t concern you. I personally never needed to use GDStash cause I had clocked in a lot of hours in farming but not everyone can devote that much time to the game. If you have some valid arguments against people using GDStash then feel free to state them otherwise stop posting shit in this thread.

If people simply calling you out as an idiot for spouting crap proves to you that they are all using GDStash then you need to have your head examined.

Back in AoM one of the best theorycrafters I know used to do that. He had it in his signature and mentioned that fact in his build guides. His guides used to be extremely detailed. I’'ve been away for so long that I am confused who exactly it was, I have some names in my head but am not sure.
So I guess the correct answer to your question is “absolutely nothing”

Back in AoM I remember this guy made stupid polls trying to get Grava and Reaper buffed when the entire player base wanted them balanced. Remembering some of his replies from those threads I can guarantee you that he can be far worse.

Sir Spanksalot?