Exchange a tribute for Crucible Map choice

I’m sure a lot of people suggest being able to choose the Crucible map, but it’s a bit more relevant now since there are 6 maps and it’s totally random (I really like the void one and it can take a lot of tries to get if you’re unlucky). I’m assuming there’s a reason it’s not already like that, so why not a sort of compromise - the initial map is random, and you can pay a single tribute to one of the NPCs to choose a specific map. This would encourage people to try out different maps, especially for their early crucible runs on a character, while allowing them to easily pick their map once they’ve tried more of them out.

Devs have said it would require a new UI to allow selection of a Crucible map so I don’t know if you idea is workable or not without that.

Its easier to just make it available from main menu

Or add a dialodue option to Lokarr:

  • Change Crucible arena type.

It could open a 1 way rift portal to the new arena

And cost an amount of tributes

Never known why this wasn’t an option from the start. Having to re-host up to 10 times to get the arena you want seems unprofessional.

Another option would be that you must play the map given to you, and it will always show up until you do. I know it doesn’t give you the map you want, but it takes away the impulse to seek a better map.