Just purchased the Patron version, it is going to be awesome game I can feel it! Need a good one since the mega blockbuster was a terrible excuse for a Arpg:furious:

Welcome to Grim Dawn and the forums!

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the alpha and we all have high hopes for Grim Dawn/Crate Entertainment.

Not sure which game you are referring to… Diablo 3 maybe?

By buying this game, you just purchased a one-way ticket to the Ch’thonic Void.
May God have mercy on your soul because evil medierra sure wont.


Anyway, welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Overall I didn’t find D3 much worse than PoE.
While I found PoE’s skill system & item building far superior to D3, I preferred D3 for its fluent, responsive combat and better looking equipment.

Then again we’re comparing Blizzard, which brought forth the D-franchise with GGG, a brand new studio …

But who gives a damn about these games. They had their chance, both failed. Now thousands of savage beasts are lurking in the shadows. All eyes on the birth of their new king, GD !!! enter heroic music here

Also, welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

yes those games had their chance, and lets not turn this thread into another VS thread, but what I will say is,

Welcome to the GD forums, and glad you found the game and decided to support it an alpha release should be soon, so you and those that also have alpha access will be able to play the game first hand to see how good it will be

if you not seen already there are new pictures of the game in the media section of the website, but anyway, glad you are here and wait in line for the alpha, the wait shouldn’t much longer now

Hello Dramion, and welcome to Grim Dawn forum. :smiley:

Welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:


I kinda lIke both PoE and D3. No need to pick one.

But… D3 doesnt have “enough” and PoE just misses the boat on the technical side. There is T2 which I may like better than the two of those, but, I can’t quite take it seriously lol.

So, GD looks like it’ll have the best of them all.

I was going to wait till the alpha release but either way I would be spending the $50 so I decided might as well get it now. I did post a question the pre-order section on page 17 as I had read that’s the only place for pre order support.

Thanks for all the posts and welcoming.