expanded LUA hooks

seriously let us fiddle with DBR data directly

we need moar modding powers

uujib reminded me of this

he mentioned a recursive crafting system where you click on item and build it including subcomponents all in one click

this could easily be accomplished by modders if we had more LUA powers available to us.

why would you do this via lua than simply change / create dbrs ? What is your scenario that requires this ?

I wish that recursive crafting were in vanilla GD…

Modding with scripts is sometimes much easier

for example here’s what i could do if i could…

An Item drops

Select item in code

Loop over stats

Set stats to how i want (no rng, more rng etc)

It would take me like 5 minutes to make a mod that for example extends the range of item affixes from 20% deviation into 50% deviation

But that’s something that’s impossible currently (i think) without creating different tiers of items. (like you’d create 1 legendary with 10% damage, 1 with 20% dmg, 1 with 30% etc)

But that would also require updates on every new patch and expansion while the script option would work forever.

But then again it’s also the problem of that variable not being in records.

would be fun to have user created data layers for this game with LUA