Expansion content implementation and difficulty x 3

I have played PoE since early 2012 (Founder), and have over time grown tired of the same content x 3 through the difficulties. Their latest expansion reworked the entire thing, and instead of 4 acts x 3 it’s now 10 acts, no difficulty run-throughs (Best change in ARPG standards in a long time). When making new characters in Grim Dawn after the expansion is released, will we have to run through the entire game first on normal/veteran before we get to expansion content, and then have to do it 3 times as pr. usual? Or how’s it implemented?

That’s pitiful. Are you ok?

first of: poe have only 5 acts and then always the same shit as before :smiley: disappointing.

2nd i love the fact to play the game and the whole story… the really bad thing of d3 is the stupid adventure mode… noone plays the story… so bad

Absolutely OK… I’m sorry if not up to what’s acceptable by your standards.

Well I never expected PoE to not reuse existing content. That’s exactly what the 3 difficulties do… It just makes you play through the existing game 3 times while adding minor things to it along the way. At least they cut out the shitty parts of the old acts that everyone disliked, and made the game better overall because of it IMO.

I both agree and disagree, both have pros and cons. After playing 3 characters to 85 in Grim Dawn. Even though GD does have a solid campaign to play through, and it doesn’t feel too, too long. When making alts after that many playthroughs you do start wishing for some alternate mode to get to endgame farming in.

Have to run through each difficulty to unlock the expansion in each difficulty. Killing the Loghorrean still unlocks Elite and Ultimate, so you only need to do the expansion on Ultimate, no need to do it in Normal and Elite.

Thanks for the info! But does that mean, that there are no attribute point or skillpoint rewards in the expansion content?

One quest gives you a skill point but only in Ultimate.

That is actually good news, and a nice way of doing it IMO. Thanks again for the information.

I just hope that while adding a new act and raising the level cap, that they provide more to do for capped characters. Crucible farming and BoC gets old really fast. We need more robust end game content.

Grind rotation is part of any arpg at some point.

Like what?

D2 hailed as a great game for many did this,

cow runs
pindle runs
baal runs
chaos runs
countess runs
meph runs
any 85 zone (pits / ancient tunnels)

Now, what does any other game differently?

at some point, content is going to run out.
POE solution is to add a new layer upon the old one in a new league.
D2 had ladders.

I suppose the GD expansion will allow for a bit better farming/grind than previously but the only way to fix it is to provide new content on a monthly basis. which btw not even Blizzard can do.

So grinding cant be avoided.
so one need to ensure the gameplay is rewarding enough to accomplish that for the player. GD IMO does it well.

Hold on there! GD does not do well on all parts about gameplay being rewarding. Loot rewards and skill fxes & animations are ok or sometimes meh(Performance is off the list due to xpack… at least i hope so…)Other than that GD does everything well.

While I appreciate Crate for staying “true” to the genre for having 3 difficulties, replayability and lots of builds…

I actually liked Adventure mode in D3 and the new 10 act thing in PoE. The only reason for me to stick with GD is because D3 is a pile of s#it and PoE look awful in terms of itemization.

what ive done is

explore everything in normal (veteran) (except getting to crucible to max) cus im a little OCD when it comes to that

run through elite as fast as i can (picking up all the shrines and +skill points and +attribute points rewards) which is fairly easy to do without taking foooooorever. it’s not super fast but not long enough to get me frustrated

go back to exploring everything in ultimate, get crucible to max

of course not everyone would have fun with that but it works for me

I don’t get this argument at all. Act 6 is really nothing like act 1 at all. Other then the names of the places you visit are the same. Quests are different, feel and look of layouts are different, Bosses are different, many mobs are different.
They skip some areas all together and add some new ones.
Absolutely enough is changed to make these acts feel fresh and new. IMO Now there is no grind in PoE until you hit maps.

There has been a mention of a way to get through the currently atriciously repetitive process of leveling in GD faster coming in the xpak. I sure hope that’s true, because I for one find the whole “going through the same thing 3 times to reach endgame” absolutely mind-numbingly boring and it’s the major turn off for me to level up new characters. Even when blazing through normal and elite (which is what most of us veterans end up doing) it’s still a painful process, especially since spending any time in normal feels like a waste with how there are no real rewards and no challenge whatsoever, even when culling your power by using +XP gear.

It would be cool if you could after getting 3-5 characters to 85 start with new ones on elite at lvl 40 for example. Normal/veteran is kinda boring but elite is fine imo.