Expansion date

In how many months do you think expansion will come out? :cry:

Somewhere between 1 month to 10 months.

I’m concerned now! Usually, the response is something like between now and when the sun goes supernova. :smiley:

It means we’re getting close then since it’s before the end of humanity.

we cannot be sure of that, Crate still has until the end of the year :wink:

Well, depending on what amount of science you subscribe to, it could be after the next Big Bang. :slight_smile:

Which is in 10 months? You have been monitoring twitter for this “information”?

Yeah I follow #alternativefact trending news!

End of humanity confirmed! I like #alternativeFacts, but I like the #endOfHumanity more; however, #theApocalypse is my ultimate favorite!