Is the expansion coming next month, or before christmas hope so.

No they had to postpone to first quarter 2019

From the 14th September stream:

"morpheus____ :@CrateEntertainment can you tell us more about the release date?

Yeah, that question’s been coming up over and over and what I’m going to tell you guys is that we’re actually going to be pushing the expansion back to quarter one 2019. Probably not the answer people wanted to hear to that question. There are a couple of reasons for that: We want more time to keep our Crate Entertainment quality bar high. The expansion has gotten really big as is our standard, as you can imagine. So once again a big expansion with way too much stuff, and just as we went through things in internal testing we weren’t really fully happy with them as they were and given that we have that option to extend the deadline - we’re not bound to publisher due dates here - so we thought why stick to what we think is okay, when we know we can do better. So we’re actually revising some of the areas we built, we’ve had some animations that needed revising so yes, sorry, going to come out quarter one 2019, not 2018. Official. It’s not coming this year."


An explanation that any reasonable fan ought to be able to approve of.

Then there’s the Forgotten Gods Development FAQ thread.

There’s the possibility we’ll get in December or January if we’re lucky, thus far we know that it’ll be shortly before the expansion releases.

I am hoping it comes out before christmas around dec 20.

5th October stream:

"drazac :will patch be released close to the release of Forgotten Gods, or will it be release in this year

Zantai_GD : will probably fall next year, but we’ll see"

So just the waiting game as usual.

To be clear, because you’ve expressed this hope twice now, the expansion will not be coming out by Christmas. See the references below.