Experience Mod for Crucible

Hey Guys
Someone know a Mod to increase the Experience gain in Crucible DLC? All i found in the last hour were Mods to increase the Experience from Mobs, but there is no Mob Experience in Crucible.

Did you find this?


nope, thx a lot :slight_smile:

with hotfix2 out, I should mention its not updated to the hotfix yet. I don’t know what will happen if you install it now. (most likely it will work, but you won’t have the updates of the hotfix)

edit: I updated it, its safe now.

is there a way to boost the xp gains further?

Heres a short tutorial I wrote:
download this file:
extract into a folder, in my example:

edit the .bat file, the bat file looks like this:

"ArchiveTool.exe" "D:\cruciblext\build\Scripts.arc"  -add "game" "D:\cruciblext\build\Scripts\"
"ArchiveTool.exe" "D:\cruciblext\build\Scripts.arc"  -add "main.lua" "D:\cruciblext\build\Scripts\"

replace “D:\cruciblext\build\Scripts.arc” with where you want to put your Scripts.arc, but make sure there is no Scripts.arc file in there, and before running this .bat again, make sure to delete the old one
replace “D:\cruciblext\build\Scripts” with the main directory, in the screenshot above this would be “C:\Users\mert\Desktop\Scripts”

goto Scripts\game\survival, open the rewards.lua file
here is the relevant lines:

I suggest you just do something basic, since there is no error checking etc. by default, add something like this:

run the .bat file, get your scripts.arc, put it in your grimdawn/mods/survivalmode/resources folder

edit: oh and, the link will be only valid for 24 hours and I usually dont keep these files so I suggest you save a copy :stuck_out_tongue: