Experience mod merge with existing mod?

What’s the easiest way to take an existing mod, then merge it with a self created mod that speeds up player leveling by 3 times? Looking at Dail, dawn of heroes, cataclysm specifically.

I know that I need to add a line to the playerlevels.dbr (*1/3) at the end,but not sure what to follow for merging 2 mods together

Unpack the mod, edit the file if it contains it, otherwise take the vanilla file and edit that, build the .arz again.

As you have no assets, you do not need to build .arc files

Finally did it after much trial and error

1 - Downloaded ArchiveTool GUI

2 - Downloaded the mod

3 - Opened AM

4 - Set Working Folder as default (GD Root), and Build Folder as GD\Mods, Tools as default

5 - Created a “Customized - MOD” folder in GD\Mods

6 - Created a database folder in “Customized - Mod” (GD\mods\Customized - Mod"\database)

6 - Tools --> Extracted Game Files

7 - Closed AM

8 - Use ArchiveToolGUI to extract the mod.arz into your GD\mods\Customized - Mod"\database folder

9 - Open AM --> Select your Customized - Mod

10 - Database tab --> Records --> Creatures --> PC --> right click edit playerlevels.dbr --> modify the experience level equation by adding whatever maths you want - i added *(0.25) to make leveling 4 times faster)

11 - Save

12 - Build with F7

13 - Take the new ARZ file generated and overwrite the original one, follow whatever directions the original mod had to install.

14 - Profit?

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whats AM?
I’ve tried to unpack using archivetool gui it worked for a bit but then it returns error message and there is nothing in the unpack folder.

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AM is the Asset Manager