Exploring Pet Critical Damage: Doggo Conjurer Edition (2.16 million crit)

I built this Pyromancer to see just how bitey a dog could get, the Dracarris just felt right to use with a Pyro… but no way a conjurer can’t get in on this action and let some pesky Pyro out-pet-damage it… and sure enough this conjurer manages to be a bit nastier than that already spicey pyro. This build uses a Veilpiercer for the 1H for the flat fire damage and a little flat rr. This dog is one point away from a fully hardcapped line. That plus some good aura buffs and decent pet critical damage % (love you always Primal Bond) make the dog hit very hard. This pooch does seven figure hits regularly and in large numbers. This guy could really use a bit more rr (never enough) and some points in BoD would help with the glassiness a bit… but… I want the hardest biting dog I can, so this version is a bit glassy but certainly still SR75+ / main game capable.

SR75 critical attack:


In game stats:

Build link:

Video of pets getting busy with multiple seven figure hits, 2.16+ million single crit: