Extremely important inconsistencies that need to be adressed

This has gone on long enough.

  1. Scorpius enemies in Forgotten Gods are classified as Insectoids. However, as we all know, scorpions are Arachnids and not Insects. Here is a screenshot of Gannar’Vakkar

    proving he indeed has 8 legs.
    If this was only a matter of taxonomy I would not mind but this is also extremely important from a balance standpoint because it makes Homestead faction equipment and Ravna’s Guard shield way too good for dealing with these Forgotten Gods enemies. This is the reason why everyone uses these items and it needs to stop.

  2. Lokarr, Master of the Crucible is either very bad at math or is a cheater. Why you ask? This is the options you are presented with if you want to raise the stakes:

    Sounds fair right? Wrong! You see, if you pick for example “Start on Wave 150”, Lokarr effectively starts you at wave 151. You’re getting 1 less wave than advertised! This robbery has been tolerated long enough. With inflation as high as it is now, I think it’s about time Mr Lokarr grants us all the crucible waves we pay for with our hard-earned tributes or gives us a discount on all future crucible runs.

  3. :clown_face:



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Lokarr = leveling items = discount on your time = discount period

But spiders such as Ungoliax are already classified as Arachnids! I will not be silenced!

Looks more like a

to me.


1 they don’t have 8 legs, so not real scorpions/arachnids :grin:

2, this is an outrage ! :triumph:

3 :scorv:


Justice for scorpions!

you don’t count the pincer as a leg for scorpions



Add like 92 more legs and it will become a centipede.

LMFAO ! :rofl:
touché Crab_Turtle, touché :grin:

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They’re actually centipedes. The extra legs are just not rendering to save on framerate.


Okay, now I want Obsidian Centipedes in the game!

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