Eye of reckoning dealing 3 types of damage

Eor deals physical, fire and lightning damage(from support skill)

As a result do most +%damage buffs only increase 1/3 of eor damage, this makes it harder to increase damage. Any way to solve this?

Endgame builds use skill modifiers and global conversions to convert the damage.

For example while leveling if you don’t have any gear you can use stuff like
Riftclaw Slicer
Kymon’s Sanctified Blade


Most skills actually do multiple damage types, that’s designed on purpose. For instance Shadow Strike will deal cold, acid and pierce, Fire Strike - fire, lightning and chaos.

So for end game you want to convert the other damage types or try play dual/triple damage build, which ofc is harder thing to do. Also worth saying most of EoR supported gear does provide conversion.

As for leveling three damage types isn’t a problem at all. Skills damage are calculated based on fact you can’t have higher % damage. And differences between types are smaller, because leveling gear have smaller damage boosts, so don’t worry.


coming back to this thread after noticed that physical damage portion on soulfire does not get converted by using kymon blade… just want to know if this is supposed to work like this or not. i think its the same issue with lightning portion on torrent using vitality modifiers on primal strike.


Working as intended, it’s a skill within a skill, so it can only be converted with global conversion.

It is. It’s to do with the way Soulfire, Torrent and other secondary skills are designed to work in the engine being skills that trigger when another skill is used. They essentially work like devotion procs. Primal Strike + Torrent is similar to Primal Strike w/o Torrent + Hand of Ultos, and you can only convert devotion procs with global conversion just like secondary skills like Torrent.

thanks retal & evil