Eye of Reckoning + Judgement + 2H question

Hello there.

I’m just starting the game and trying to figure out what i want to do first. taking a look at the Oathbreaker, i was immediately drawn to the Eye oof Reckoning + Judgement spin2win combination. Sadly, it seems that its geared towards one handers (really wanna spin with some big axe or warhammer, though).

So my question would be: which second martery would be better for that EoR + Judgement + 2H? soldier? Shaman? necro or demo, maybe?

Every combination i try looks terribly point starved…So, what would you guys recommend? Which class combination would be the most efficient for spinning arround judging e hammering stuff with something big?

thanks and sorry for the lousy grammar, not my first language.

EDIT: messing around with GT i ended up with a couple of basic setups ill try for leveling. Will figure gear and devotion stuff along the way. Any input is appreciated.