So i build my own Battlemage. S/B with 3800 Armour, 100 Abs, 13k HP, Maxed resists and 24% physical resists.

Normally with a s/b char i have no problems facetanking Fabius but with this one its really a pain in the a**. What am i missing? Do i need to overcap some resists? Im out of ideas why i struggle so much with him.

Do you struggle repeatedly or just on the first try? He spawns with random weapons which can be scary depending on their stats.

As he belongs to human’s type of enemies he could appears with any weapon, including this

What’s your DA?

  1. Enough?

Post your build using www.grimtools.com, you can upload your character file so it adds your gear, devotion and skills.

Post grimtools link to your build.


Seems like a solid build. Maybe the reflected internal trauma?

Hmm what do you mean?

How is your dps against him?

Not so great but this build was made cuz of the Devastation bonuses on the set. Thought it would be fun to try. But that does come with a penalty to melee dps. Im sure the build is tweakable in many ways so any feedback is apreciated.

Maiven lvl 5. Warcry 12. Get Overguard transmuer for perma overguard and you should just be easy mode really.

My setup is totally different in some regards. I strongly recommend Flame torrent from fiend devotion as it is fully converted(chaos too) and great life steal also

Try these devotions


Guthook belt if you are actively farming him for some quick fix bonus damage

Thanks for suggestions guys. Fabius was a walk in a park now =)