Facial hair enthusiasts

I’ve noticed there’s often a lack of facial hair among the youngsters nowadays, so I was wondering if there are any fellow beardmen (and women) in here?

Dunno where you live or what you consider a youngster but here where I live my grandparents actually complain because the young kids all have big bushy beards

yeah well beard (and stupid Dali’s moustache) are the flavour of the moment - damned hipsters!- i have a beard since early 2000’s and i’m thinking to shave everyday because of this.

Same here. And if I shave my wife will leave me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your grandparents don’t happen to live in the middle east, do they? :stuck_out_tongue: I live in Hamburg, the average young guy has no beard, most of them have shaved legs aswell… :eek:
A youngster is ofcourse everyone below the age of 30!

Yeah, same here. I thought of shaving it when those hipster beards appeared, but since I don’t have one of those, noone can mistake me for a hipster. :cool: Mine looks more like the beard of Wayne Static, not as long as his though.

Whoa … no beard, shaved legs …sounds like a trap to me! :stuck_out_tongue:
Furthermore … “most of them have shaved legs” … how do you know this?


On topic: Beards are nice, but grooming them and stuff is so much effort, I´d rather shave every now and then. I did actually grow a beard last year just to see if I like it, it looked okay, but like I said, after 2-3 months it´s just too much work, and without grooming, it looks like a ragged birds nest. :smiley:

A friend of a friend told me… :eek:

Just a thing I noticed last summer, when most people ran around in shorts 'n stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, mine’s definitely not a hipster one, more of a murder-hobo style and annoyingly I can’t grow it beyond the bottom of my neck due to the hair being both super knotty, to the point I once found a proto dreadlock in it, and weak. So brushing it basically serves to keep it in check, along with the usual trim every month below the lips to prevent it getting in food.

Had it for over 5 years now, used to just have a goatee, but the cost of razors + the fact having a beard greatly reduced the number of blind zits (and zits in general) I was getting and the fact I’m super used to having one, means I’ll have beard until I’m forced to shave it. Besides, I feel naked face wise with out at least a goatee :stuck_out_tongue:

And what brush could be used for a long beard? My beard becomes very messy when it grows longer than usual, so I have to cut it. But I definitely want to have a long beard. Found some brush recommendations here:

Does anybody use something mentioned there? I’ll appreciate any advice.