faction choice

Can anyone help me decide on a faction? I am a witchblade that’s s&b with a focus on vit/chaos/life leech. I been thinking about deaths vigil but not entirely sure. Thoughts? :undecided:

It doesn’t really matter. Order of Death’s Vigil has decent support for Vitality and Chaos. So go for it…

Also ouroboros is cooler

As far as I know, you aren’t really locked out of that much. There is the occasional recipe or vendor item, but you could make every decision once with just two characters. Roleplay and/or choosing based on your build is totally fine overall.


Especially for non-casters, they have an augment that reduces the damage of opponents you hit, there is nothing nearly as powerful in the Order shop afaik.

Even for casters, Kymon is superior. The Chaos/Vita resistance augment is amazing because you can just dump 7 of them on your armor and be invulnerable to most of the stuff in Bastion of Chaos (don’t forget to overcap fire for Shar’Zul though). The Order version is Aether/Lightning, not nearly as impressive, you can get aether resist from Anesteria.

You can talk to the two guys in Homestead and see the faction items. As these are the main difference as far as your char is concerned, you can go by those - or just pick whichever side you like better

But… The story… Orouboros…? :stuck_out_tongue:

I always go for the death vigil because I prefer the Monster Infrequent shoulder from the Iron Maiden Nemesis although I don’t use any atm. The other reason being Iron Maiden is overall stronger and harder to fight and my characters need to be strong enough to consistently kill him in HC without dying (at least I try to reach that goal).

Usually, augments from the Kymon’s are whatever. I guess it’s because of the type of builds that I do combine with the gear that I use.
As far as augments go, most builds will go for a few aether/chaos augment from the black legion for armors. And here’s what I have to say about the chaos/vit augment vs aether/lightning …
Aether resist is harder to come by so you’ll probably end up using augment from the black legion (chaos/aether resist augment) or the aether/lightning augment from the death vigil if you chose them.
Having lightning resist over cap is always good the day you fight Valdaran Nemesis which can reduce your lightning resist by a flat 20 or 40 depending which attacks he use.

Concerning the augment which reduce enemy damage from the Kymons, it’s kinda good but it’s based on a chance to proc. Since I play HC I like using a Tyran prefix instead on a weapon if needed which does the same thing but it applies the reduced damage from the enemy the second I hit him/them. At least that’s the case with my blademaster.

Nemesis shoulders you can get via crucible, regardless of faction choice, iirc.

I tend towards OdV lately, I don’t like either option, but OdV seems somewhat less fanatical, though I fully expect them to get a lot worse when (not if, imho) the continued search for Ouroboruuk doesn’t yield the results they’d like.

That leaves augments, though in most cases, you can get by with either side by shuffling some resists around, and in any case, you can’t really plan what affix(es) for your non-uniques you get your hands on first, and what corresponding faction augments you’d need to fill that first gap, before you farm more gear.

Death Vigil