Faction Reputation Questions about Basic Content and Expansions

I used to finish base game before i go for expansions. But now i could do the following thing to eventually ease up Rep farming for Borrowholm and Resistance of Malmouth.
I still have 2 areas to clear in base game in my playthrough atm (Shieldbreaker 58): Bastion of Chaos (Cthonic) and Port Valbury (Aetherials (Vanguard?))

Now i thought: if i would go quickly to Borrowholm (after the quest line which tells me to find it)
and then quickly to Malmouth to get acces to gain Rep, how would it work out for Rep if i then go back to clear those above mentioned areas?
I guess Bastion of Chaos Cthonics will count towards Borrowholm Faction Rep right?
But i guess Port Valbury wont help me with Resistance of Malmouth Faction Rep right?

Thanks. So is Malmouth Resistance the same as Black Legion then? They have both Vanguards right? But arent there at least some enemies in Port Valbury like arent there any other places where there are Atherials and among those some Vanguards?
And about Reputation level, i only need honored at the expansion factions anyway. Revered only needed at end of Elite level 90. But i like very much to get revered for basic factions before elite because of the lvl 70/65 augments.

My main path is to get level 70 in Normal

  • revered with all basic factions
  • honored with all expansion factions
    then go Elite up to act 3 or so
    then go back to finish normal last parts of expansions

Went very well and smoothes out the level scaling problem.

Well youre right about honored easy to accomplish at normal, but i thought well, it would me get there earlier. Then i can go earlier to Elite. But i gues at this stage it doesnt matter that much.
Thank you anyway.

You can have Malmouth +rep even in starter area, having those fat vomiting atrocities spawn from totems, but is excruciatingly slow. I would guess Valbury is slightly better. What worked best for me by far was simply doing the quests and maybe an extra clear of Malmouth. As for you plan, the only problem can arise from overleveling compared to area caps. Other than that, is only the faction of enemy giving bonus, there is no area restriction. E.g. Homestead will get +rep even from beasts slained in Kovan.

I can confirm now, Bastion of Chaos giving Rep for Borrowholm, but unfortunately there was ZERO Rep for Malmouth Resistance out of Port Valbury. As expected.
And yes youre right, Some monsters act 1 give Rep.
And totems are a nice welcomed addition for Rep.