Faction Screen

Since there is no way to sort the factions on the faction screen other than by default (alphabetical), and most of the screen is empty or purely decorative, it would be nice if the list of factions might perhaps be split into friendly and enemy (perhaps with, say, enemy on the right side of the screen) so that we don’t have to scroll up and down.

Love that one

Infamy on one side
Friendly on the other

Even better if they are face to face
DC - Cronley
Rovers - Undead
Kymon - Order
Coven - Beast
Malmouth - Vanguard
Barrowholm/Anasteria - Chtonian

If Anasteria or Barrow move to the infamy side than make the remaining one face the Chtonian if both move to the Infamy side then I guess you got 3 more ennemy than friend in that cruel world