Faction Swapping - Black Legion/Outcast

Can anyone tell me what happens if I reach Revered Black Legion and Nemesis Outcast in Veteran, and then choose Outcast in Elite? How hard is the hit to Black Legion for the initial switch? Does anyone know how hard the hit is to Black Legion if I get Outcast to Revered?

I know and don’t care how swapping between Kymon/Vigil works.

The search function was… underwhelming in my quest for this answer. Thank you.

Pretty sure that only thing that happens if you choose to side with the Outcast on Elite is that you lose rep from the quest to side with Anasteria. This will obviously lower you to Honored with the Black Legion because of the rep loss.

The Black Legion will always be on your side regardless if you choose to go against or side with Anasteria. The only negative thing is the rep that you lose from doing the Outcast quests.

Since you gain Outcast faction from both Aetherials and Chthonics, normal gameplay will max your faction with her at a decent rate without doing any of her quests, especially if you apply writs/mandates. I never do her quests whether or not I side with her; Black Legion faction is a pain to accrue and I don’t need to make that grind longer.

With that said, the next expansion has additional quests from her in the new area, and it remains to be seen if you can access those without having cleared her earlier quests.

Thanks. Any idea how hard of a hit it is? I’m glad to hear it doesn’t bring me back down to Tolerated with Black Legion - I’ve only ever gone the other way and picked Outcast first, but a loss of 1000 or so rep can be farmed back pretty easily. Any idea how much rep I lose if I farm Outcast up to Revered? I guess just from the major quests which give huge boons to Outcast (delivering Hearts and Bone of the whateverEastMarshMonster)? Just trying to figure out how hard it’s going to be to get Black Legion back up to Revered (or if that matters?) in Ultimate after siding with her in Elite.

Maybe I should be the one to make this spreadsheet/mathematical analysis ._.

That’s a pretty neat idea, and one I’ll definitely include in my analysis. I already have her Mandate, so she could be pretty easy to farm up just finishing the game in Ultimate.

Also it’s a real bummer that they would include quests in an expansion with an entity many (most? all?) of their players would already have locked into Revered or Nemesis long before the expansion is released. They’d have to include an option to reset her rep or they would be screwing over everyone who currently plays their game. There’s just no way they’d make that choice. (/hopes)

You lose between 250 to 300 rep points for the Black Legion with each Outcast quest. It’s easily recovered by doing a couple of bounty quests for the Black Legion.

Like it was said above, you don’t need to do Outcast quests. It’s pretty easy to reach Revered with them because you get rep from killing Aetherials and Chthonians, two of the major enemies of the game.

Thanks Norzan. Very informative and directly applicable to the question.

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