Fail loot when finished quest

I am lvl 51 and killed the boss in Nekropolis at Veteran and end up with the story of main game.
For ending the quest i got a legendary shield…
I play shaman with 2 hand weapon… is this a joke or a bug?
This cant be real that the quest loot fails soooo hard… im pissed, sorry -.-

Not a joke or a bug. Loot is randomised so you won’t necessarily get anything that’s useful for your character.

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law… how big is the chance to get a legendary? i started to play on elite now :smiley:

Legendaries start to drop when monsters are L50 and above so you should start seeing them now.

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It is called RNG

Game has no idea if you wanna play with this or that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for answer :smiley:

Good loot to you all :slight_smile: