Failed at Custom Mastery ~Need help

Hello people,

I watched this tut;

After that^ went on to try and make my own mastery which ended up being little more than a mix of existing skills… but w/e.

Ran into a problem and i cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix it. The mod builds fine, no errors or anything like that. Started a new game with it, but, to my suprise when the time came to choose a mastery there was nothing. Literally just an empty window, even the vanilla masteries were gone… :furious:

If someone could take a quick peek at this and pass on some advice i’d be very grateful~

Thanks for your time.

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Sounds like you screwed up the class selection table

Is it not possible to reference to files outside of the mod?
My mastery refs to skills of other masteries so i didn’t have to set them up myself…
Does it look ok?

Check everything very carefully from Kath’s post here:

Yes, you can link in a mod dbr to vanilla dbrs without including them in your mod, as long as all paths are correct.

Don’t worry, this is really a pain in the beginning. After about 20-30 times, you will find yourself remembering lots more than you ever thought possible. It will more than likely scare you, how fast you can navigate records folders and find fields. But not at the beginning. There, every little thing seems convoluted and unintuitive.

you should we aware that Crate is releasing 2 more masteries in the xpac. I am actually not even sure, but we are assuming they will be in the 7 and 8 slots.

found it, Index 1 of the tabSkillButtons array is not linked properly

And by the way, I just took a shower after that download experience, if you need help in the future, can you just use or something with less choices and sign up options on the way to the download?

Thanks for such a quick reply!

I fixed the missing file and incorrect link, however, i still have the same problem :smiley:
Once again i checked and checked but i dont see where i’m going wrong…

Oh and sorry about filehost, mega just seemed a little overkill for such a small file. I also look forward to the expansion, will deal with new mod problems then.

Just got home, will take a look.

What did you set that link to? I am not finding your classtraining.dbr for class07

Check 1: Does the PC have the skilltree? > Yes. No change done.
Check 2: Does the classtraining have the proper enumeration? > Yes. No change done.
Check 3: Is the new class in the mastertable? > Yes. No change done.
Check 4: Are all the skills in the classtable? > Missing classtraining, you claim it still isn’t working so will keep looking. (Created my own and linked to class07training)
Check 5: Is everything in the class selection table as it should be? > No, missing button/text for new class, doesn’t explain black screen though. I added a new entry for the button and text.

Building the mod to look right now …

Not sure what you did, but it works for me with those changes I did above.

Don’t remember tutorial explaining about the neccesity of a button and text, although i admit to make a mistake with that one missing file.

I followed your pointers there and it works! Thanks for your help~

Now just to figure out how to remove those prereq lines :stuck_out_tongue:

The buttons maybe not absolutely necessary, not sure. I mean, the class selection SHOULD work without it… But without it you can’t choose the class, so yeah, maybe a little important.

The skill connectors you will need to remove from each skill that has them. They aren’t in the UI files but the skills themselves.

Would you happen to know a way to create a functional replacement for one of those .tex skills_classselectedimage ?

Tried several methods notes on this forum but none worked, either it failed to compile/auto-create/even A8R8G8B8 is not seen as a valid .tex file.

It is borken?

What file format are you trying to build for the image? I believe most of us use .tga.

It’s not broken, what have you tried? As Ceno said we mostly all use TGA. PSD can work, I think maybe some other formats will work but some can cause problems. TGA for the most part works flawlessly.

Process is this:
*Find your art

*Save as TGA in the size required (don’t ask me, I don’t know it off the top of my head, compare with an existing tex)

*Move the new file to your mod’s source directory with your tags, but don’t put it in the tag subfolder, create a new one or put it in the same folder that crate uses for their UI. If you are just tinkering, it doesn’t matter where so long as you can find it again.

*Right click the file, auto-create asset, then choose bitmap. UI elements need to be set as bitmaps, you use textures for other things, such as armor textures, weapon textures, creature textures, etc.

*Build the mod (f7 shortcut)

*Find the dbr you want to modify to add the new bitmap, and it should be there provided you created the asset and rebuilt the mod. Once you have it, save and rebuild the mod, should be in game.

I"m having a similar issue to the original poster. At first, I could not get the class selections to show up as well, but thanks to the tread I got that resolved. However, I now have an error with my selected newly created mastery that does not happen with the other vanilla masteries. All selectable buttons (skills and the + sign on mastery bar) are non-selectable and display a red “X” directly below them. Thanks for help!

One of your links is incorrect somewhere.

Make sure all your skills with the ‘x’ are in the skilltree
Make sure all your UI files are in the classtable
Make sure all the skills are linked to the appropriate skillui files

Just look through all the links. Red X I thiiiink is related to the UI not being linked properly but I don’t remember for sure.

I found the error, it was actually in the record\creatures\pc>female&male files where I had not added the correct class tree links!