Failing Theodin Marcell - normal+veteran

Hi, I’ve only been playing few weeks and like the game very much but struggling now to get past Theodin Marcell (Normal+veteran difficulty). Any advice?

Up that Aether res :stuck_out_tongue:

First advice:


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  • Replace the relic - it is for dual-wielding.
  • Put points into Fighting Spirit, Internal Trauma, Menhir’s Will, Decorated Soldier, Scars of Battle and Spectral Binding - Military Conditioning does not need to be maxed yet.
  • You need some Life Steal (Attack Damage converted to Health). Reassign points from Falcon to Toad and put Restless Remains in your gloves.
  • Reassign points from Hawk to Assassins Blade.
  • Consider to get Bat or Ghoul instead of Empty Throne.
  • If you are not using the granted skill of Blessed Steel, then craft Purified Salt to increase your Aether resistance.
  • For leveling my default ring components are a Frozen Heart and Corpse Dust.
  • Are you using Forcewave as your default attack? I would assign it to RMB, but maybe you have customized your keybindings.
  • Transmuted Forcewave scales with cast speed, so that your yellow ring does not help you much. Craft something better.

Thanks a lot for a quick replay. I’ll try to do as you recommended. Cheers.

Done it. easy-peay…crafted Purified salt, put some point into Fighting Spirit, Internal Trauma, Menhir’s Will, replaced relic for Calamity, reassigned points from Hawk to Assassins Blade and changed the yellow ring. thanks