Falcon swoop+bladespirit=broken?

So I’m going thru ultimate lvling up my physical blademaster and noticed something with Falcon swoop. I’ve been useing it on cadence and it procs perfectly fine,procs on my main target and all 6 projectiles pierce thru him and shoot across the screen. Works the same with blitz. Now I thought it would be fun to bind it to bladespirit but it doesn’t proc the same way, instead it just hits the first enemy and shoots straight into the ground. I thought maybe it was some pathing/terain issue so I found a perfectly flat spot on the map and pulled a large pack of enemies, got 2 bladespirits out and it did the same thing. They would both proc and shotgun into the closest enemy and all 6 projectiles would dive bomb into the ground. I noticed maybe one in ten procs where 3 projectiles would actually shoot straight thru the mobs across the screen like normal and the other 3 would dive bomb straight into the ground. Anyone els have a issue with Falcon swoop?

To be fair, that is not broken.

Cold Spellbreakers are broken.

That is busted.

And Falcon Swoop HAS been nerfed… but that sounds pretty glitchy, to me.

Doesn’t sound like he is talking about it being overpowered or nerfing it. Sounds like he is asking if blade spirit with falcon swoop is bugged, which based on his description of the behavior, it would appear that it is.

… I don’t think he meant broken in POWER, but in FUNCTION. Falcon Swoop is supposed to swoop across things, not dive bomb into the ground. It’s that mis-pathing of the skill that the OP seems to be referring to.

And yeah, that sounds like a bug. Perhaps ask a Mod to move it over there.

Ya I meant it as a bug. Eh not a big deal I guess, probably not gonna use Falcon anyway lol just thought I’d point out a possible bug for anyone who might use it

This board has all the playfulness of a paddle.

This will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. In the future, the best place to report a bug is in the Bug Reporting section of the forum.