Farm Fields Shrinking After Tilling

The Fodder is poor across this map.

I wanted to see if I could reset the fodder level by tilling it and letting it go fallow for some years.

I laid out this field as a 12x12, to match the Barn’s requirement and my 17 farmers spent three summer seasons tilling it, while the builders walled it in.

This is the result of the farmers tilling the 12x12 patch of ground.

A 10x10 farm field, with 7 assigned workers.

Two more workers than a 10x10 farm field normally requires.

The first time I noticed this bug I thought it was my error.

The second time it happened it shrank the 5x10 field down to 4x9.

That size field is too small according to the 5xX minimum size requirement.

This is the third occurrence of a farm field shrinking down from plotted size to finish-tilled, ready-to-plant field.


This has just happened to me, the only thing I think I may have differently is had the fence finished before the tilling was done. Cant be certain haven’t been so prepared with fencing before, but kind of sure I normally only think about fencing fields when I get my crop is being eaten warning.
Just wanted to add just in case it might help with replicating the bug.

Just to add, in 0.8.0, I’ve fenced fields before and after the fields themselves were ready for planting, and regularly Till at least 1 year in 3, but have never had this happen.

On the other hand, I almost never start by Tilling (prefer to plant Clover the first year), so have not precisely replicated the set of circumstances you describe. I’ve got a new game just started, will see if I can duplicate the problem’s circumstances.

never had it before either, just want to clarify when I said tilling , all I meant was the first run over the farmers do as part of constructing it…before you can allocate anything.

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