Farmers Idling - Unable to Work

I can’t find a way to fix this and there doesn’t appear to be a specific time in the game that it occurs. I’ve had maps years in before it happens and then some that are at the very beginning. At some point, the farmers stop doing anything at all, with the message being “Idling - unable to work”. Sometimes if I restart the game, the crops they were supposed to plant will autopopulate and the farmers will work for a bit, but then stop again. Is there a fix for this?

I have had times when other workers were idling but there was plenty of resources for them to keep working. Both times I tore the building down and built a new one and the workers started working just fine. But restarting a farm would take a lot longer. I’d suggest deleting the farm then build a new one and see if the farmers get back to work on it and if so report the specific bug and how you fixed it.

I’ll give that a shot. Frustrating when there are multiple fields and it’s the same issue. More so when it happens years into the game with a large population.

Yeah I understand. Maybe just try only salvaging one farm, rebuilding it, and see if it kicks the farmers back into working.

I have notice my population increase between when I save a game. quit the game. and reload the game. not sure if it is related. I notice a game I played years ago (can’t remember the name of it) had a check sum error thing that would do the same thing…for the same reasons.

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