farming blueprints in elite

Hi there,

my first character has finally reached lvl 85 at Fort Ikon.

Of course he’s not powerful enough to “roll” on ultimate so i thought maybe return in elite to “speed farm” randomly could be a way to find some blueprints quicker and equip the character (i know i won’t find any equipments/weapons in elite for him).

I tried to farm in ultimate and it works but i’m slow and the drop rate seems to be so low that it’s not efficient so far.

The questions are :

  • is the drop rate equal between elite and ultimate for blueprints ?

  • do i have some chance to find some blueprints (usually lvl 60 or 70) for lvl75 required players in elite ?


i managed to collect a ton of blue prints with my first char warder by just farming nemesis on elite… its faster and safer that way and boy do they drop like crazy all the time until i got a decent loot then the RNG gods noticed me and removed the blessing… fun times:(

Thanks for the tip.

Also, i noticed that a lot of good items were not above lvl 65/70 for my build. So i’m gonna rush in elite instead of wasting times trying to farm Ultimate hoping for good items to drop.

The reason there’s little reason to farm past elite is the items cap out at 75- every item in the game can and does drop in elite. Drop rate might be 0.033% higher on ultimate but your speed makes up for it.

Good luck with blueprints they are the bane of my play time, no matter where I farm they still allued me. Wait till you probably have all but a few (the ones you want most likely) then you’ll never see them drop again from nemesis chest. Farm elite as on ultimate the effort/reward isn’t worth the time invested.