Farming bug

My farmers just randomly abandonned going to the fields for 2 years and nothing make them go back but waiting patiently and hoping that my food pile is enough. That and the facts that more than one fields make them abandonned one of them to all work on one just make the farming process irrelevant and very frustrating. Is there any patch coming for this? I’ve seen many threads mentionning this bug more than a year ago.

They are vacationing in the Mountains of Madness.

Do you have a fence around your fields? If so, do you have a gate in the fence?

Yep fenced and there is a gate. The farmers were doing great but all of a sudden, like in many saves, they just stopped

Could you take a screenshot of the affected field(s) maybe? And your Profession screen?

You can upload your save and we can take a look. Saves are located in:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\my games\Farthest Frontier\Save

Zip up the entire TownName_###### folder along with the .map file and .sav that reproduces the issue. If the files are too big, you can use a service such as Google Drive to share it with us.

THe farmers have come back to the filds after 2 years and now they dont split up according to the fields maximum worker but instead go all in one fields

Farmers work communally, so that part is not a bug. I ran your town for a while and farmers got to work on your rotations as expected.

If the issue persists for you, you will have to provide more information as to when/how it occurs.

Thank you for your help. I played it a bit and it seems that ma farmers are going back to the first field indeed. But for the communal workk i dont understand. it means they all do the work togerther and go to the field with the earliest crop first? What is the point of the “assigned worker” on the top left corner (image) if they wont respect it and go together as they pleased? My second field is still abandonned (image) and nothing can get out of this. Does it mean you can effectivly have only one field per map?

Well, clover isn’t a harvest crop as such. You plant it to help with fertility of your fields, but farmers don’t harvest it like they do other crops.

I know, but when its a harvestable crop, they rot on the ground because my 20 workers work only on the first field and abandonned the second. And i still dont understand the utility oh the “assigned workers” options if they will move from field to field

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