Farming Dark One set

Hi guys,
I’m trying to farm the dark one set on my first character. He’s a Rune a Kalastor / Aegis of Menhir Paladin for your frame of reference. I completed the secret quest and have access to the sanctum. My issue is that the lightning blasts from the non-targetable creature keep killing me. I’m only at 59% light resist, but even with a potion I’m still dying. Any suggestions?

You absolutely need to max all of your resists, so switch gear/augments around until you have all of them maxed. Ideally you want them overcapped, but minimum they need to be at 80%. Also, the area with the Dark One’s set minibosses has a lot of ground damage effects and other damage which comes from stuff you can’t kill, you just have to keep your sustain up and kill the dudes. It’s not all over it though, there’s some parts where you can be and not take damage.

Thank you! I’ll look through the augments and figure out who ya the lightning one.