Farming End-Game MI's

Does anyone know of a good list of Monsters & Vendors to farm for the best end game MI’s? I just started getting into MI’s and understanding their real value in end game characters but I’m having a hard time figuring out who to farm for which items. If this list doesn’t exist I’d be interested in starting and maintaining it if someone with the knowledge was willing to guide me a bit?

Edit: Here’s the list I’ve come up w/ so far…

-Pants: from the hidden path quest line (Dreeg/Solael/Bysmiel)
-Shoulders: from Nemesis bosses
-Gollus rings: Gollus
-Cronley rings: Darius Cronley
-Bloodsworn rings: Karroz, vendor in bastion of chaos & Cultist (on the way from Blood Groove to Fort Haron)
-Belts: from Port Val abomination bosses

Also worth mentioning…
-Boots: farm via crafting

  1. Secret vendor in Blood Grove. Sells many valuable reagents (chipped claw, vengeful wraith, etc) and MI’s (Troll Bonecrushers, Bonescythe, etc).
  2. Darius Cronley. Drops very good MI ring.
  3. Nemesises drop very good MI shoulders (namely Zantarin). Best way to farm - Crucible.
  4. Abomination bosses in Port Valdbury drop nice MI belts and another boss there drops very powerful MI 1-h axe. A pity you need Skeleton key to get just 1 chance to drop that axe.
  5. Chtonian mobs wielding 2-handers can drop BiS MI base for Forcewave build.
  6. Hidden Path guardians (Dreeg/Solael/Bysmiel) may drop powerful MI leggings. However, their droprate is very low.

Gollus offers a pretty awesome ring, and you can farm for Dermaptadern Slicers on the way. Fleshwarped drop Rifles that can be really good for Aether or Fire, if you get the right rolls.

I’m told Groble Effigies can be great, but TBH I’ve never seen a good one, so take that with a grain of salt.

Dermapteran Slicers are nice, but build that uses that is nerfed pretty much, not sure if they’re still usable. I actually find Cronley’s ring being much better for many builds, or Bloodsworn ring. And farming Cronley also gives you fair chance to find nemesis, free Dynamite, some Royal Jelly and Aether shards, and fair amount of legendary drops from heroes (though i think it was nerfed is some recent patches). Farming Gollus is quite inefficient compared to that.

And of course, the best way to get most good MI’s is farming Crucible.

You mentioned “Bloodsworn Ring” where can this be farmed?

Also, a couple people have now mentioned crucible as viable MI farming option although I have to say I haven’t found this to be the case. I have a group that runs 10-30 Glad Crucible 130-150 per night and out of mountains and mountains of greens I’ve never found one item I’ve actually kept. They all just seem like trash drops/rolls.

Farming solael-sect legs directly from the monster (can’t think of name atm) that drops them I’ve gotten 1 amazing pair. 10-15 decent, keepable, pairs and a lot of trash rolls. I’ve actually been keeping track of the number of times I farm this (don’t have the sheet w/ me atm) but I’ve roughly farmed it 200 times. I’d say drop rate feels like it’s in the 25% range.

Thanks for these replies. As more info comes in I’ll try to clean it up and organize it a bit and keep a running list in the OP.

Drops off Karroz, it has a base of +% pet damage so the BIS is subjugator’s bloodsworn ring of the wild. Pretty much any pet build would give its eye teeth for that ring.

Crucible is better to be farmed on Challenger’s difficulty. Especially if you want MIs - danger is lower, clear speed is faster, and MI drop is literally the same. I’ve got a plenty of useful MI items from Crucible, you probably just got really bad luck… Also, i advice to run 100-150 or 130-150 waves. If you farm Crucible from 0-50 wave, some MI’s with decent rolls but low value will just perish. And 0-50 wave doesnt even yield much for time spent.

You’ll get good ones eventually don’t worry :slight_smile:

Bloodsworn rings can also be dropped the human cthon worshippers. Another place is the vendor in bastion of chaos. Be sure him to pay him a visit every time you go to bastion if you really want one never know when you might get lucky

This is wrong. A lot of Bloodsworn stuff drops from cultists, but the ring only drops from Karroz.

I can confirm for the vendor in BoC, there’s always like 2-5 to choose from and you can really hit the jackpot. :smiley:

I didn’t kill Karroz since the quest and I have accumulated 3 Bloodsword Ring by actually farming Death Vigil reputation at Fort Haron so I will go with the fact that Cultist (on the way from Blood Groove to Fort Haron there is a bunch of Bloodsword XXX) can in fact drop that ring.

I can cobfirm that, ring drops not only from Karroz, but also from Blodsworn, probably casters/summoners. He has much higher odds to drop it, however.

It must be 1% off cultists or is a recent undocumented change then, because I did about 30 dedicated cultist genocide runs and never saw them drop it once. Got a bunch of nice bloodsworn scepters though!

Thanks for this info. Maybe it was confusing how I wrote my statement about my crucible farming. Honestly, running 130-150 Gladiator Crucible with 4 pretty maxed out friends is really fast and we find it a bit more enjoyable. Challenger is fine and would probably be faster but I’m trying to stay awake while I play. :rolleyes: Challenger is just too easy for us. Soloing any part of crucible is just plain old boring to me so I never do that but I could see how Challenger would be better farming for solo’rs.

So what I think I’m figuring out is that the best end game items to farm are the ones listed below. I guess by “best” I mean, the most likely to be useful to multiple builds.

-Pants: from the hidden path quest line (Dreeg/Solael/Bysmiel)
-Shoulders: from Nemesis bosses
-Gollus rings: Gollus
-Cronley rings: Darius Cronley
-Bloodsworn rings: Karroz, vendor in bastion of chaos & Cultist (on the way from Blood Groove to Fort Haron)
-Belts: from Port Val abomination bosses

Maybe I’ll make a separate list of weapons because they’re more specific to certain builds whereas the items listed above can be useful to many/most builds.

Thanks everyone for helping me figure this out. It’s very helpful and I really appreciate it! :smiley:

Gollus rings are really, really amazing. I put them above Cronley’s, in most of my builds. If I can get them, of course, because they’re annoying to farm.

I mentioned Zantarin because even decently rolled Zantarin’s Mantle is BiS for acid/poison DS WitchHunter (due to +3 to Blood of Dreeg and Lethal Assault).

Gollus rings are better for builds, that dont use attack speed and/or have overcapped pierce resist anyway.

I value the health and regen over the attack speed and the pierce resistance. Though I am 100% guilty of undercutting my pierce res, I’ve had builds roll with like 30% in Ultimate and be fine.

The Bleeding Damage, of course, is only useful in rare cases, but the Gollus affixes are useful to every build.

Cool thx for this. Added Gollus rings to the list.

So, do all Nemesis drop good, but different, end game shoulders? I haven’t really done any nemesis farming yet. I’ve been too OCD about trying all the different char types so as soon as i get a char to 85 and geared and spec’d the way i want i pretty much just start a new one. 5x85’s atm. I’ve just been following all the awesome guides that people put online because every time I try my own variation it pretty much sux lol. I haven’t really put any time into understanding theory crafting yet.