Farming items in normal before elite for pet summoner?

Hey all,

Quick question: I am a level 47 pet summoner and currently farming for Dread Skulls (savage relic…) and the Black Grimoire (level 40; non-empowered). I read that the Depraved Sanctuary is the best place to get one to drop but that, once you reach level 50, it will no longer drop as you have out-leveled that area for farming.

Is this true? If so, where can I farm once I hit level 50? How long can I farm normal before it’s no longer viable to farm as I am over-leveled?
Currently level 47 and in the Necropolis but have been taking my time enjoying the game and worried that I’ll gimp myself by over-leveling and not acquiring decent gear for Elite…

Also, where the hell are Dread Skulls?


Iv seen some drop in Bastion of Chaos last night, as far as over leveling and not dropping things, I think you overestimate how hard the next difficulty will be for a summoner, your still earning your stash of components if you farm to rush relics your going to burn yourself out, just progress to elite and get your legendary drops too wile farming it just my 2 cents.

Alternatively make an alt to help get more Dread skulls. If I had to guess what a dread skull is, a horribly disfigured skull that radiates dark power?

Farm rep get faction stuff, eventually you will come by good pet items dont bother farming normal/vet for specific items.

The only time I had trouble killing stuff in elite with crapyy gear was in SOT shrine with multiple big golem heroes spawning endless ghosts in a cramped area, took a long time.