Farming low level items... Help

So, I had a really fun idea for a build, but it requires a Barthollem’s Gavel that I can farm only on level 56. There is currently no way for me to farm it on lower levels as it is near Fort Ikon and you need to first visit Homestead, kill Amalgamation, choose Order of Death’s Vigil as a friend etc. Is there a way, maybe SR, to farm this hammer on 20, 34 level? I got one from SR, but it was when I farmed with my 100 level Warder, so the hammer is for 94 level. I wanna have it faster. Same thing with Magi’s Visage (also needed), it drops from Magis, problem being they are in the rogue dungeon at the end of FG. If I could get the Barthollem’s Gavel somehow, could I also get the helmet the same way?
(By the way, don’t judge the idea, though most of you will just help, I’m just saying, it’s a build for fun and won’t probably work exactly as expected).

tomb of barthollem scales to level 60 max on Normal according to GT
so you should be able to just farm it straight on normal, as the easiest source
it’s also not as difficult to reach as you may think assuming you had to use a new char/isn’t friendly with death’s vigil on any of your other chars - and if you already are friendly with other chars it’s even easier

I’m gonna say again (or clarify if I didn’t say it): I want the low-level version of this hammer, around 20-34 level. Getting the hammer with other character is easy, it took like 3-4 minutes, but it dropped for 56 level. I want the hammer faster, that’s it, so I’m looking for low-level, not high-level. I already have 56 and 94 level versions. I would have to somehow get to the Tomb on a very low level, like 30. And I like leveling up fast, so with my current leveling character, I’ll get to the Tomb around 40 level (I level up pretty fast due to Gazer Man and Leovinus’ rings). When I tried Savior’s Merit on other character, I got to the Bastion and realised I first have to be friendly with Order and do all of their quests, and to be friendly with them I have to first get Ulgrim’s quest, and to do that I have to first find Ulgrim and beat Amalgamation. A lot of work. So, my question is: Can I farm the low-level hammer on low shards of SR?

same deal, character level matters
you can’t take a level 100 to shard 1 and get level 20 items, you have to take a character in the level 20 range
and then you’re dealing with rng, making it way easier to just get the hammer in MC, again, it’s not as hard as you’re making it out to be; just don’t use xp potion and booster gear

unsure if we’re talking past eachother or something here but
to get to SR; you’d have to clear the entire act 1 main quest
then you’d have to deal with the RNG of maybe lucking out and getting the hammer to drop; before you levelled up just from SR xp
^or you’d have to do it in crucible and still deal with RNG+xp

to farm it “as low level” in MC all you do is
get a merit as level 1
teleport to ulgrim in dead man’s gulch
unlock homestead
do the amalgamation kill quest, and only that, skipping everything else
hand in, get the quest to side with death’s vigil
do 3 death’s vigil quest, which you can almost instantly do due to teleports, portal to blood grove and get Malkardar remains, come back, give 3 seals, teleport to blood grove and get Essence from the quary
then get the quest for Barthollem to unlock his spawn, teleport to fort ikon, go kill barthollem
takes like "10"minutes/no time, and you’re going to be level 15-20’ish
^do it all on normal without the XP boosting gear, it’s not complicated if it’s for a farming char and not an actual levelling char, since then you don’t need the xp from XP boosters

Crucible normal (wave < 50), fresh char (lv <55), rinse and repeat, if you lucky you will get it in few tries.

you get like 1-2 MIs pay cashout tho
seems like horrible RNG ? :thinking:

OK, so after all (I have all things needed including level 23 Warlock), I just do Merit, Barthollem the normal way and that’s it? I mean, I know how to do all of that fast, I played a lot and remember locations, so for me it seems good. Gonna just check if the hammer will drop for level 20 or 35 :smile:
Edit: yeah level 20, I’m gonna have this build FAST :smiley:

yep, i’m telling this because i’ve done this :smile:
there is often a misconception what’s required to advance in the MC/quest required for XY progression or unlocks, and then forgetting how much Merits actually speed stuff up simply by unlocking teleports
Holystar’s crucible mention is not something i’m super experienced with level/xp wise and time wise except for potential drop rates, so wouldn’t know how good/reliable or fast that is,
but low level MI farming/direct kill unlocks i’ve done a bit of since Merits made it so easy, so it’s definitely doable aslong as it’s not something that’s hard gated off, and then usually preferably to RNG farm in SR - exception maybe being low level nemesis items

I thought of making it as you said before (with Merits etc.), I even used a Merit, but I just felt like it would take too much time. Now when I think about it, it is not so bad. Thanks for help! I would probably go farm SR if not your comment :smile:

Oh, but I forgot, I have another problem: I need Magi Visage, and this one drops from Magis. The character I’m gonna use for Archon Barthollem is just too weak for Magis.

yea that’s gonna suck :sweat_smile: no real way around that, just annoying RNG
the fight isn’t actually that bad if you play on Normal tho