Farming Nemesis as a Sorcer

ugh spelt sorcerer wrong… talk about win.

I’ve reached the point I’m trying to Nemesis/crucible farm for gear. My main issue is Nemesis (especially Fabius and Iron Maiden) are really giving me a hard time.

Below are some noted stats and I have no set pieces:
2400 OA
1700 DA
7000 HP
9% Life Leech
All resists are 60+ (in ultimate)

This is my build with + skills: (without + skills) (with + skills & devotions)

I’m not sure what I should do with a handful points as CB/OFF is useless for high end bosses but great for not being overwhelmed in higher waves/ultimate. Not sure if I should focus on Flash bang and Blast shield. I invested in the revenant tier for AS and Life steal, and I needed to complete the tier for the overall affinity awards. I’m assuming I’ll have to drop offensive constellations for more defensive; however I’m worried if I do this I won’t have the offence to clear ultimate as I don’t have the high end gear yet (except the weapons).

Any suggestions?

(updated basic grim calc)
(I don’t have the ability to do screen shots but I have greens, tinker belt, exterminus/deviltounge pistols, empowered gunsligher jacket, plunderer’s talisman, empowered essence of beronath ammy)

Firstly, i have no idea what gear your running. But you i can see you don’t have any way to RR the Bossess. So i made some changes based on that.

Also you posted your GrimCalc with +skills from gear, that ain’t highly helpful as i didn’t have clue regarding the gear you were using so i did it from scratch

The Resistance Reduction from Eldritch Fire+ Thermite Mines stacks with each other and can be used to achieve great results. I’m inexperienced with Brimstone tbh. So not sure how much points was worth investing into it

Alternative -<- with emphasis to Brimstone

NOTE: The above one’s use OFF and personally i am not a big fan OFF as it’s useless against bossess (which imo is what matters in the game) <- This is what i’d personally go for with Meteor Shower attached to Flashbang, you have your CC right there

Also it’d be helpful if you can post what gear you are using

I’ll see if I can get some screenshots when I get home, I updated the post to note what identifiable gear I can remember. Does flashbang work on highend bosses? I’ve found OFF useful in crucible and ultimate as mixed with another CC I’m never touched (except nemesis); however as mentioned its pointless on bosses and takes up a lot of points. I stopped using meteor shower because I found it hardly did any damage (no space for devotion procs) and I put the extra two points into the vulture for more bleed resistances. As for brimstone, its serves it purposes (great for groups but it adds no single target benefit). If I were to drop brimstone I don’t see much benefit running which-blade as I don’t have that much chaos damage.

Well, certainly get rid of OFF and get flashbang+thermite. The real dps boost comes from those resist reductions, and flashbang is amazing skill overall. Also i think blast shield is worth more that 1 point. Unless you got huge +skill bonuses to it or occultist.

The last build that Chthon posted there looks pretty nice, i have similar sorc but not 85 yet.

What really helped me with devotion planning was
this guide here. Even though it’s a pyromancer guide, the build is very similar using same damage types so the devotions work quite nicely.

Yes Flashbang does reduce boss DA, reduced DA means your effective OA will be increased by that much

OFF is useful no doubt, but it’s as you said it takes up points.

I’m used to the Flashbang+Meteor combo as it clears mobs nicely.

Your main damaging devotion will be Falcon-swoop attached to Fire-strike, it has high %weapon damage component and 100% chance to pass through enemies which means more life-steal for you.



Why you no love me

I don’t have that amulet either i got like 2/4 or 2/5 all set items in game etc etc :stuck_out_tongue: That’s what you get when you play self found. :undecided:

haha yes self found can be quite troublesome. Once I found the plan for the talisman I spent a couple hours farming mats so I could make it (just got it on the weekend actually). I’ll try some of the suggested tweaks and I’ll let you know how it goes, thanks!

your OA is high enough

but DA too low you easy get crit from nemesis

if you don’t have set I suggest you use this build

tree of life+giant blood+turtle shell will help you survive.

if you still want to play melee using fire strike

you better max the blackwater cocktail, your effective DA will be increased

He isn’t playing melee otherwise i’d have recommended BWC to him, since he’s life-stealing from a safe distance i told him BWC is optional. Obviously with Fabius and Iron Maiden maintaining a distance would be pretty hard.

WELL, a ranged glass cannon build like that would have a hard time against Fabius (or Valdaran, for that matter) regardless of whatever you do…

Farming other Nemeses seems like a better idea.

Hi mate,

Just had a quick look of your BD before heading to office…is there any reason you left thermite mine, flash bang, and blackwater cocktail blank?

At the same time, you would like to find it is extremely hard to leech&freeze the nemesis with what you have now, as their life-leech and frozen resistance is beyond your control…my suggestion is if you want to farm nemesis, rethink about your skill investments beforehand coz there is a very high chance you would be taken down by Fabius in a short time.


IMO Flash bang - Searing light is more important than Blast shield.

The %Fumble attack from Searing Light is better than you think. It make my caster able to facetank fabius and Iron maiden. If I don’t have it I’ll be in hard time fighting those guys even though I had many defensive devotion and a lot of good procs when HP<40%.

Blast shield : I have 2 purpose in using this skill.
1.) To get higher max resistance when trigger. For this purpose you don’t need to max it, just put 1-2 points in it and other from bonus

2.) To get avoid projectile. For this purpose you should max it. It will be useful in fighting with Fabius and Madqueen. Those have deadly projectile.

I used to play gunslinger sorc before. I’ve about 53-57 on sheet dmg without procs, but it don’t satisfy me enough for killing time(testing with nemesis) compare to caster with devastation and a lot of good procs from suitable gear.

I read your entire post, but this statement is inaccurate. Blast Shield is equally important especially when you don’t have other circuit-breakers (MoD)

I didn’t get much time to play last night :confused:

Flashbang was a little disappointing as I find more often than not I’m more squishy against regular mobs as it doesn’t always apply a confuse or fumble so when bigger mobs rush towards me I take a lot more damage than I used to. I didn’t get enough time to play around with thermite mine… if these can boost my dps I’ll probably aim for more defensive devotions as flashbang is somewhat of a let down compared to OFF (when it comes to bigger fast mobs like hulks).

Well in the crucible you don’t really have a choice in what nemesis you’ll end up against and I find Valdaran very easy to handle.

Why farm nemesis when you have my sorceror ?