Farming Reputation (Barrowholm / Malmouth Resistance)

Hi All,

I think I made somewhat of a mistake. I finished ashes on normal and started forgotten gods, this was around lvl 62. Thing is I kinda got super into the Shattered Realms and leveled up to 86. This is all on normal difficulty mind you. So I took a break from shattered and went back to farming chtonics for the barrowhold rep (they have a dagger I want). I went into the bastion of chaos and saw that all enemies were capped at like lvl 70 so I grossly outleveled them and got no rep. I switched to elite and did the main quest again so I could get to the bastion, now I get rep but its still going to slow (a rate of about 2000 rep per bastion run).

Is there a faster way to farm barrowholm reputation at my current level (86)? I also need some resistances enchants that are sold by malmouth resistance and I find myself with the same problem. Is there a faster way to farm that?

As a matter of fact, is there any site or guide I can refer to in order to farm reputations at my level?

Thanks a bunch!

Barrowholm asks for chthonic. So when you hit Act IV in elite (the Necropolis and stuff) you’ll be killing stuff there and gaining barrowholm rep.

Did you finish all the quests from Barrowholm in Normal? If you didn’t you can go back and do the whole quest line to get rep. you might have outlived the normal enemies and won’t necessarily get it for that but you’ll still get it from doing the quests.

Has a “daily” task of crafting a relic. The relic recipe needs some simple components, money and 1 piece of Brain Matter/Blood/Heart (cant remember which). You craft it, hand over to the Malmouth desk and get 1 piece of Brain Matter/Blood/Heart (not the one you used) as a reward. You go to the Necropolis smith and exchange the piece you got for the piece you need for the relic. You restart the game until you get the relic daily task again.

Repeat until you are revered. It’s a tedious process of exchanging money for rep. But its quicker than actual tasks.

edit: better do it on ultimate. more rep iirc.

In addition to the comments above: Probably the fastest (intended) way to gain reputation with a faction is to do their bounty quests. You can resort to the “relic trick” mentioned above if you want - or just do the bounties normally. If I’m not mistaken, bounties on Ultimate will give the most reward.

From my experience, farming rep with bounties on Ultimate doesn’t take that long. Maybe 1 or 2 hours after you’ve finished the campaign - depending on the amount of rep you need.

You could also just continue with the campaign. Doing the Malmouth resistance quests and clearing the city of all those filthy Aetherials and their supporters on Ultimate will already get you a whole lot of rep. Personally I like Malmouth, so at least for me this is also fun. Or you could farm the Krieg set. This is what I did on my first character. It got me to revered with Malmouth Resistance automatically.

Barrowholm is about the same: Do their quests, then complete some bounties on Ultimate and you’re done.

Fortunately, rep grind isn’t a real problem in GD. And even if you would like to have this or that earlier, you don’t really NEED anything that requires max rep until lvl 100…

Thanks all, I’ll give it a shot in ultimate. Resistances may be a bit on the low side but I think I can manage.

Bounties is the fastest method of gaining rep. But most players won’t have the gear to run those efficiently on Ultimate. It’s actually better to run those on Elite. Especially if you already have mandates purchased with other chars. This way you can get from respected to revered in half an hour.

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