farming routes? exp and gear?


are there any guides out there for tested and optimized farming routes?

in d2 you got pindle, meph, pit, baal, runs etc…
poe has some maps and atlas shaping
d3 had split bounty, speed rift, gr rift, insta quit if you get the wrong rifttype
You have some stuff to do for different tasks.

here? I know about the hive under twin hills and steps of torment. anything else usefull? can anything beat the hive run? And if you dont want to restart the game so often what is a nice smooth and usefull route?

with my first max level char (before aom) i run crucible all the time, never farmed anything else. sometimes I run, hive + undercity treasure trove, bastion of chaos treasure trove quit game.

my new toons has not finished ultimate and are not max level and not ready for crucible. I need more levels and gear.
CAll me crazy but I stopped the time how long it take to get 20% exp. And nothing seems to beat running the hive over and over again and again.
I like to run: Lab to the warden, the mines to cronley, the hive and then the croplands and tunnel to gollus and quit after that. But this route is far far away from being on running twinhills to hive and restart.

I looking for a smooth and optimized route for max exp and gear without restarting the game every 2min.

Crucible is the best, otherwise farm bosses for their MIs, which will net you a lot of xp on the way.

if you’re not on max xp you should be farming malmouth rep to get the xp potion

a guy who played PoE so long, i find crucible extremely boring tho its efficient. after crucible for getting items i find this route best

the link i posted is, probably MOST efficient and effective farming route in current GD main campaign imo…

1- start on ugdenbog wp
2- go upside and hit larria the hexxer den and kill her, drops OP mi daggers and high chance of unqs
3- continue slyvarria den, 2 hidden remains there and boss can drop unqs tho i usually dont go in here but its optional
4- tp back to ugdenbog portal
5- continue down, at least 1 beast unq boss spawns there
6- continue kra’vall area , high chance of bargoll spawns on the road drops unqs and good mi mace
7- go in and kill kra’vall good mi for cold pb, chest for unq
8- continue going down, there will be 1 more unq beast gonna spawn with 1-3 rare boss around kill him drops vendigo spirit and unqs
9- go down and enter janaxias den, again GG mi daggers and unqs
10- go in ancient grove clear there, either spend key and finish roguelike or exit game and repeate process
11- there is okish chance beast nemesis can spawn on the road aswell

this is FAR by the BEST main campaign farming route now imo, or best result i got so far and tbh i am farming maniac you can get the idea i guess :slight_smile:

wow. much much thank you!
something like this I was searching.

Good advice.

I’ll amend that to

If you’re not on max rep for any and all factions that give important items (augments, blueprints, etc) you should be farming their rep. It’s the first thing you should do once you finish AoM storyline

In GD, it depends on what you are looking for since there are many MI’s which are BiS or near-BiS for many builds.

What I started with, was the advice you already got, farm Malmouth reputation to get exp bottle and also get revered with as many factions as possible and get mandates for the other chars.

For Crucible farming, start with aspirant. Make sure you can kill wave 150 with as few blessings as possible, I just use the one that gives extra health (Empyrion). I start on wave 100 (make sure you have tributes) and then go all the way to wave 130 and get the blessing. Then I complete 150, open the chests and restart at wave 130 (checkpoint) two or three times. Each time you use checkpoint, the tribute cost goes up and you might even have to refill the blessing. Don’t spend too much time looking through the loot, do that when you are completely done with whole crucible, I just open the chests. If you can’t do this on challenger, do aspirant.

For main campaign, I do arkovian undercity, spined cove and steps of torment (first three levels) because I am always in the hunt for spectral MI’s and Kilrians soul component. Then I do the Valaxteria and Krieg (fleshworks) for the Krieg set (already got the boots from Terrnox). Finally I do sort of the route that feelgodstoya do, doing the dungeouns in the ugdenbog areas.

Thx again,

  1. I stoped trying ultimate with my level75 guy. Start grinding elite aom act6 for exp and level. Went to ultimate again with level 85 or so. You were so correct. Better farm the reputation and get the exp potion :smiley:

  2. my guy now. Can farm the posted act 5 route. But I die sometimes. Maybe only need to learn the encounter better.

  3. I can farm crucible aspirant 150 easy without blessings, 170 is to crazy for me :rolleyes: Dont know if I need better gear or only need to git gud :smiley: