Farming routes for new characters?

Hello everyone. I’m sure that probably there is a post covering this subject, but I couldn’t find it.
Can you help me with a route to farm exp quickly with a new character? I have the merit from another character so I have acces to all the riftgates.

Thanks in advance.


Great, thank you very much.

Also Companion Guide to RektbyProtoss's Alt Speed-leveling videos

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Should I start with the skills of the class I choose or with the demolitionist skills that he uses?

obviously you wont have demolitionist skills if it’s not intended to be part of your build choice/class
you can pick whatever skill you want to level with, tho there are some skills in XY class that are stronger than others/better leveling skills,
Protoss actually also have videos on leveling every class i believe, which you can combine with the speed level strat
if you’re a demo, absolutely use those skills, blackwater cocktail and canister bomb are fantastic for leveling

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I see. I asked because maybe there was a way to reset everthing. I choose inquisitor and nightblade and all the skills seems to be very melee and one to one oriented. Having that in mind, I didn’t know what to choose to attack from the distance and with some AoE

word of pain + storm box with tether is a good decent leveling skill approach in Inquisitor (max Death sentence first in WoP)
in Nightblade you can do use either phantasmal blades(1pt main node and max the 2 others), Night’s Chill, the flat dmg approach where you max Dual Blades and Lethal Assault (would require melee for dual blades, Amarasta’s blade burst can be used with ranged too)
and finally the classic shadow strike approach where you level using shadow strike, maxing the last node gives you grand aoe, maxing the 2nd node gives you shorter cooldown and a dmg boost
if you wont wanna be melee you can use guns, Amarasta’s Blade Burst and Phantasmal Blades still work with guns
inqisitor runes also aren’t totally terrible to use during leveling, just keep in mind it’s like a double cooldown skill (cooldown to use and after you place a rune takes a sec to arm before it can blow up)

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