Companion Guide to RektbyProtoss's Alt Speed-leveling videos

Hey, I’m new posting here, but I am a long time lurker.

I found RektbyProtoss’s speed-leveling videos super useful, but I didn’t have enough familiarity with the game to follow them without constantly re-watching sections of the videos and cross-referencing with GrimTools. So I made a one-page companion guide to aid my daddled mind (dad + addled).

I hope this helps people serve their altaholism in a safe and sane way. :laughing:

GD Speed-leveling One-Pager.pdf on Google Drive

And just in case it wasn’t clear before, massive thanks to RektbyProtoss for all the awesome content he makes.
Grim Dawn Guide - How to Speedlevel alts, part 1 (HC viable)
Grim Dawn Guide - How to Speedlevel alts, part 2 (HC viable)


Thanks even though I have done speed leveling of builds about 10 times I still forgot things. This might serve me well. Great job and thanks to rekt by protoss again

Lore Notes—Don’t read yet

Ok when can I read this part of the guide?

They’re all pretty much here

It is written, you enter cave where first boss, drink exp pottion and then read the lore notes.

OP meant that you shouldn’t right-click the notes as you pick them up (before you enter Kyzogg’s cave). I was just making a joke as it looks like they’re saying not to read the paragraph in the guide.

Oh well :sweat_smile:

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Hehe, yeah I thought about the ambiguity, and then decided I liked it. Glad you got a little chuckle from it.

Also @medea_fleecestealer thanks for linking that collection of lore notes! Didn’t realize that existed. The purpose of my collection is narrower, it’s to level just enough to jumpstart a speed leveling run. They are all the notes suggested by RektbyProtoss as well as a couple other easy to grab notes.

Just as a general aside, this companion guide is really for players who have enough knowledge that they don’t need 100% hand holding, but could use some small reminders about locations as they progress. The guide only really makes sense after watching Rekt’s videos linked in the original post.

Glad this is helpful for some people!


Mirrored this as an image on Imgur. Google Drive has a habit of taking things down when they get to be too popular. :wink:

Good cheat-sheet!


I was thinking to do the same thing for myself. Thanks for sharing!

glad you found it useful @Najdorf

Leveled dozens of alts but took a year away and was rusty. Have to admit, I never knew about the whole ultimate part. Cheers.

I found this thread looking for something that dawned on me while watching his leveling vids, namely if there was a list/spreadsheet etc that notes important gear (MIs/loot on corpses etc) that are recommended to grab?

I know gear is sometimes mentioned in build guides as part of leveling, and in Rekt’s own videos, but I wonder if they’re written down somewhere in a similar quick reference manner?

I certainly haven’t created or seen anything like that. I think that MIs in particular are too build dependent to be placed in a guide.

Grim Tools Map has some of the ‘good’ loot containers marked, and you can search the item database for items that support your class and skills. I don’t know of any better resource.

Some of my personal recommendations for non-lokarr slots:


  • MIs supporting your main damage ability of choice

Accessories (amulet/rings/medal) besides the obvious Leovinus’ Ring



  • Alchemist’s Belt (lvl 29)
  • green craftable faction belt with +1 all skills to your main mastery (lvl 35+)
  • green MI belt with +1 all skills to your main mastery


  • whatever fits the build and fixes res, very good generic defensive gloves are e.g. Runic Bracers
  • if build is attack/casting speed based, try to get attack/casting speed gloves


  • Bone Talisman (lvl 18)
  • any epic relic (tier 2) with +1 to all skills to your mastery or really good ones for your build such as e.g. deathchill for cold nightblades (lvl 35+)

Of course you can use a good, fitting legendary for all these slots instead.


Yes, exactly like this, but maybe with a focus more on lower levels, say 1-30, when crafting/vendors/gear aren’t quite as useful/numerous as later.

I was about level 20 Nightblade, planning on Blademaster eventually. One of your vids was on in the background and I caught mention of going back to farm for a Gutworm MI. Never heard of it (the Mark, not Seal), and my medal was crap at the time, so I jumped at it.

Even gear like Hevill’s Greatsword and Bernard’s Slightly Chewed Buckler. Neither of which I knew about (770 hours in) and only learned about from your vids.

There are a lot of MIs that have only one drop source that could so easily be missed (like Gutworm or Galeslice etc), but could be a potent addition to an early build.


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You hit lvl ~27 in around 5 minutes when you speedlevel, so you don’t need any items for that level range.

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Sure. Admittedly, it wasn’t an ideal thread to raise the question, but I meant when using no pots/Lokarr etc.

Only thing that I can think of that’s worth saving at that level range even without Lokarr set is the Explorer’s set. Other than that just use whatever you find. Skill allocation matters way more than items at that level. You could literally run around naked and still do well, if you have a good skill allocation.

I guess I just got a bit carried away with suddenly finding all these lower level items that made me even more OP. Spent far too long with pots and the Lokarr set so those levels were all a blur. Cheers.

Made a short video about my easy to get recommended items alongside Lokarr set and as replacements for Lokarr set:

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This is exactly what I needed right now. You rock.