Farthest Frontier Ready for Early Access!

We just signed off on the release candidate build for Early Access. The game is all ready for you for this Tuesday’s release!

If you’re still on the fence about joining us, here’s an in-depth review from Legacy Gaming, who recently had a chance to check out Farthest Frontier:

Wishlist Farthest Frontier on Steam.


I have been long-awaiting for a new city builder to steal my attention from Cities Skylines and Frostpunk, and from what I have seen from Raptor’s recent live streams and Codiak’s review, I think this will be the one. I anxiously await the August 9 release date to get my hands on it to enjoy the level of detail and fun this game offers!


Super excited for this game.

Regardless of genre or type, its so incredibly refreshing to see a game come to early access with the majority of its features already implemented.
Sure, there’s going to be tweaks and future content.
Big congratulations to the Development team, especially with being such a small team as well!

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I like it for the music and style.
and be nice to relax a bit while others build stuff

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I’m in !

Love the music :heart_eyes:

See you at the Frontier !

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Just wanted to stop in and say congrats on another release and continued success!

Great job! This “early release” is better than many full release games these days. I look forward to all the improvement your team makes over time and supporting your development of the game. Having a blast and don’t want to put this game down.

I haven’t posted in years, but I just wanted to say: big congratulations to you all at Crate on the release of your new game! :slight_smile:
I bought it today even if it’s not really my type of game, but I gave it a try this evening (struggled a lot even at the easiest settings: I’m terrible at city builders!).
I checked a few reviews online, and most of them seem pretty positive so far: crossing fingers so it will be a hit! :smiley:


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Farthest Frontier v0.7.2 버전은 이제 사용 할 수가 없나요?
삭제 폐기 해야 되나요?

I didn’t think that would be a big draw for me, but after playing it really is a peaceful atmosphere. Minus the violence and plagues.