Farthest Frontier v0.8.1 + v0.8.1a

just a idea, coming from a nice pc rig- rn / and I know its work in progress. the game wont simply run on the later stages of the game.

how about setting the limit to 300 pop for lvl 4 upgrades; idk if thats the right thing, since building large is almost always more fun :))

thanks for this incredible game; hope to see further updates

its not memory leak i noticed after 20 30 min of gameplay game dosent use hardware properly
for example when i first load the game it shows 40 50% cpu usage and 70 80% gpu usage after 30 min when the game gets laggy it shows 20 30% cpu usage and 50 60% gpu usage
i have an i5 10400f and rtx 3050

There is a known issue where buildings that use a heavy tool to function will count this in their storage inventory even though it is not available globally for anyone to take so as long as they are using one heavy tool, they will always have 1 heavy tool in their storage. This was reported months ago and is misleading because once put on the machines for use, it should not be in any storage inventory as it becomes a partially used product.

Существует известная проблема, из-за которой здания, в которых для работы используется тяжелый инструмент, будут учитывать это в своем инвентаре хранилища, даже если он недоступен глобально для всех, поэтому, пока они используют один тяжелый инструмент, у них всегда будет 1 тяжелый инструмент. в их хранилище. Об этом сообщалось несколько месяцев назад, и это вводит в заблуждение, потому что после установки на машины для использования его не должно быть ни в одном складском инвентаре, поскольку он становится частично использованным продуктом.

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Regarding water under the bridge, is this because the area of water is marked as non-traversable like the mountains or that they have no NavMesh? CIGs Star citizen game is implementing dynamic NavMesh to adapt to the issue of player obstacles getting in the way like ships landing on the ground as well as making buildings when personal outpost development comes into play. I think at the very least, just as roads can be given a preferential pathing value in the NavMesh you can perhaps use bridge construction to alter the Navmesh over those tiles on water.

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I don’t know what the problem is, only what Zantai said about it.

It was nice to integrate more upgrade for the building and more people for the hunter( maybe to choice weapon he can use ) .
The game is great and i like it so much.