Farthest Frontier v0.8.1 + v0.8.1a

Please to announce that our latest improvements to the game are now live with v0.8.1!

This update was focused almost exclusively on improving performance and addressing a number of reported bugs. With our first optimization pass, you can look forward to better framerates in towns of all sizes.

Note to modders: while we still do not recommend using mods during this stage of development, we are aware that some do develop and use them. This version of the game includes a version update to the Unity engine, which means most, if not all, mods created prior to v0.8.1 will likely stop working until they are updated. This is not a bug nor some evil ploy to get people to stop using mods but is simply part of getting the game a step closer to v1.0.


  • Fixed a rare save load issue caused by expanded fields.
  • Fixed an issue where UI scaling would make the build menu smaller than intended.

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Major New Features


[Major New Features]

  • An optimization pass has been done on various game systems and renderers, which should result in significant gains in framerate for towns of all sizes, especially for larger towns. This is a first pass on optimization and further improvements are expected in the future.
  • Various new notifications and warnings have been added to inform you of critical events (ex. destroyed buildings or empty mines). Numerous notifications have also been consolidated to reduce spam (mainly combat and disease).

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  • Added visual indicator for worker positions that are unfilled due to halted production.

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  • Optimized road placement to reduce hitching.
  • Fixed several rare graphics-related crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling the UI would not hide widget icons.
  • Fixed an issue where services and soldiers could end up unpaid despite there being gold in the town and/or a positive net gold income.
  • Fixed an issue where gold stored in Foundries was listed as part of town gold, but could not be accessed to pay expenses.
  • Fixed an issue where workers might prioritize items or mines outside of town over local storage when stocking production buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where prioritizing a build site could end up with excess builders over the set limit.
  • Fixed an issue where raising the number of builders on a build site could end up with excess builders over the set limit.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the Resources and Professions windows for the first time would hang the game.
  • Fixed an issue where manually entering a number in the Trading Post transfer/trade windows would not register.
  • Fixed an issue where inputs in the Trading Post transfer/trade windows would alter the game speed.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow multiple Trading Posts to be built.
  • Fixed an issue where Crops Lost to Rot notification would show incorrect or blank info.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Town Centers could be built. It’s not exactly the center if there’s more than one!
  • Fixed an issue where laborers would not pick up certain items left on the ground (ex. baskets, milk, etc.)
  • Fixed an issue where foragers would drop their foraged items to handle needs before dropping off.
  • Fixed an issue where the repair now button was blocked by the condemned building state.
  • Fixed an issue where plazas with benches could be built on top of roads.
  • Fixed an issue where increasing worker count in a building window while the game is paused could result in excess workers if the Professions window is then used to also increase the worker count.
  • Fixed an issue where a new Barn could inherit the grazing area of a destroyed Barn.
  • Fixed a rare issue where traveling merchants would arrive at the Trading Post and immediately leave.
  • Fixed a rare issue where farmer count in the Professions window would not match the farmers assigned to fields.

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  • Increased the capacity of upgraded shelters. Tier 2 homesteads now house 5 villagers, tier 3 large homes now house 6 villagers, and tier 4 manors now house 8 villagers.
  • The Town Center can no longer be cleared with the clear tool.
  • Resources with halted production due to production limits are now marked in the Resources Window to make this apparent at a glance.
  • Fruit trees now block regular tree growth, preventing situations where an orchard becomes overgrown with forest.

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  • Apiary window now displays the Honey bonus.
  • Overlapping grazing areas for Barns now correctly have a penalty to fodder bonus.
  • Barns that are at capacity or overpopulated can now have cows transferred to them from the Trading Post or other Barns.
  • Increased manufacturing speed of Shoes at the Cobbler Shop.
  • Markets no longer stockpile water. This mechanic had minimal impact on stocking homes while it made wells get drained more frequently and triggered the low water warning when the town in fact had plenty.
  • Increased worker count for tier 1 and 2 Markets.
  • Reduced worker count for mines to 8, from 10. This may cause your existing mines to reset back to 2 workers.
  • Increased Capacity of tier 1 and 2 wells and increased refill rate of tier 2 wells.
  • Reduced the overlap range for wells. Wells can now be built closer together without suffering a penalty to refill rate.

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That’s a game changing feature! Loved it!

BUT I think“ The Town Center can no longer be cleared with the clear tool.”IS NOT a good change.
If player build it at bad land,How can we move The Town Center?
And grave had a similar problem too.
these problem limit freedom of player!
Please consider carefully!

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I hope player can plant Herbs and wickers in one day.

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Hotfix v0.8.1a is going up imminently to address a couple critical issues:


  • Fixed a rare save load issue caused by expanded fields.
  • Fixed an issue where UI scaling would make the build menu smaller than intended.

Also note: if you are having crashing issues and are using mods, please see if the issue persists without them.


Take this with a grain of salt as it might be caused by something else but I have way worse performance than like 3-4 months ago. It was smooth before but now consistent lags and couple crashes. Can’t tell if it is last patch cause I believe I skipped 1 or 2 patches.

i noticed the performance change at first it was nice but as you play for longer periods game still gets laggy, exactly like it was before specially at 3x speed
20 25 fps avg
im at 700 pop

Same experience here, seems with running the game for longer time it start to lag more. Also heavy lag/stutter when building roads/walls.

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I would suggest monitoring your memory usage once it starts getting laggy. The fact that it happens after a few hours etc is a pretty good sign the game could have a memory leak which is gobbling up your RAM the longer you play.

If you find that to be the case I would advise using one of the many programs that exist that can regulary flush your memory cache for you and thus prevent the leak from building up and affecting gameplay.

Or they just fix it? :slight_smile:

I mean…if you’re observing this, report it.

I leave the game running for extensive periods of time without performance degradation, so if someone else is having issues, we’d like to know how and why that is happening.

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Of course. Was not poting to you as Dev. More to the user suggested to use external tools to “fix” this, as you said better they report it, so that you can replicate and fix it. :+1:

Indeed. Report it (provided it’s what is actually happening) and in the meantime there are ways to neutralize it if it’s occurring.

Appeal to developers.
I play from the start of sales and from the very beginning there are several problems. 1 - blacksmith, in it a heavy tool is not transferred to storage.
2 - any goods purchased on the market are not transferred to the warehouse.
(auto-translated from Russian)

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

A known bug with the trading post that things stay in it when they shouldn’t. Your villagers can still access them though.

My frame rate never improved with this version. I am still running 9-10 fps… on the bright side, I rarely have gotten stuttering unless i build a road. I will try to get this village to 1k over the next week.

I’m talking about the same thing over and over again. Why isn’t the patch improved only for this part in the Korean version?


It has not been reported as bugged so we were not aware. We’ll take a look.

I think the game would be better if the bridge was allowed to build

Once again