Update on the v0.8.1...update!

Yea I see that now. But point still stands.

Not sure what they update people about weekly that’s actually constructive.

Hello !
That’s a good one. Very quick, what they are working on wether it’s from the art side, the technical side or more broadly a set of milestones, what they plan to do in the future to put it simply.
If lucky, with some sneak peak of their work, those sort of things.

If I’m not mistaken, your last " State of Early Access " was in October, I believe the very reason of an Early Access is a contract where we can afford to get involved, from the player perspective of course.
I’m not saying you weren’t responding to people on Steam though.

As for your final question, it got “answered” 22 days ago, hence my message earlier today.

Now back to ROBO:
No, your point doesn’t stand, I was careful to refer to indie studios of course, allegedly smaller than Crate Entertainment, but here I think I’m disgressing.

Who are “they”. Please provide the name of the game and the developer - a URL or link to the game in question would be nice.

I’m curious to see if this is real or just your perception.


I mean, if that is exciting and meaningful to you on such a minute level, that’s great, but we’d rather paint a big picture periodically. We’ll have a third state of early access update in the near future.

As for milestones, sure we have internal goals, but those are moving posts, and we often shift our priorities based on what the community is saying, which makes having a big list of milestones kind of moot. Personally, I don’t pay much attention to studios posting their milestones and estimates. Those oftentimes end up being “TBD” or end up way off anyway.


Sure, I’m not here to lie :
Infraspace, Medieval Dynasty, The Isle, Stranded Alien Dawn on top of my head.

Good to know ! Thanks.

Personally, I don’t pay much attention to studios posting their milestones and estimates. Those oftentimes end up being “TBD” or end up way off anyway.

I agree on a general level, which isn’t the case as for most of studios I was thinking about.
Anyways that was a small rant, it’s your game you’re free to pursue your dev as you wish, however I’m also free to be critical about it. ( the Early Access scheme, not the game at it’s state of course )

As always, I look forward to see this next update live, as I said I like this game ! Have a great day.

Another great example of this is Factorio. They made weekly development update posts “Factorio Friday Facts” for something like 8 continuous years of EA development. It was cool to read and get sneak peaks of what might be upcoming, from an art update to some technical under-the-hood changes.

I wouldn’t ever have the expectation that this high level of communication is something EA games should do. I feel like community forums like this are a little old school, but to state that we have to beg for comms or updates is a little disingenuous.

The more time a dev team spends writing “updates” and marketing on the patches and inner workings… The less time they have actually pumping out said patch…

I mean…I know a thing or two about nearly a decade of updates…

There was a fundamental difference between Grim Dawn’s development and Frontier though. Grim Dawn was at its infancy when it had its first public alpha build. We could update players on virtually any aspect of it because things were changing rapidly and being added constantly. It also had the benefit of having hundreds of items and creatures, all of which could make for small updates.

With Frontier, we are refining an already fully playable game. So while new things are coming, and we will have previews as things are ready, they do take longer, and bug fixes don’t make for exciting dev blogs (to most people :P).


As someone who checks the forums daily, for updates on the next patch, it would be great to actually have a time frame like “Every Monday there is an update from devs on the progress and any additions” or something like that.

Zan’s already made that clear that’s not the way they’re dealing with news/updates for FF.


Yeah, I read that. I’m just voicing my own preference, not that it matters.

Dear Team,

Since you patched the game, the game doesent start … when i try to load my last game the game breaks every time in the loading screen down … what is the problem ?

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Try a new map/town. Old saves don’t always carry over between patches/updates. :slight_smile:

I have no problem at all loading the older save games.

Are you using any mods?
If so, try without them.

Hi there, I know you guys are trying, but this new version is even more problematic. Warnings pop up for seconds, so cannot sort bear attack out for instance. Also dont seem to get the vault working , cannot get gold in

Have you reviewed the patch notes for the latest release: Farthest Frontier v0.8.1 + v0.8.1a. Note that mods will be broken until the mod developer(s) can update their tools and their mod. So play without mods.

If you have and want to report a bug, report it in the Bug Reporting forum section. Be sure to review the tagged posts, especially Reporting Farthest Frontier Bugs (Please Read).

Hi there, I dont use mods

Not been playing this game for long.
But have played many games of this nature ie= Civil series, Anno 1404,and many earlier one’s.
Once this game is up and running properly I can see me playing this as my main game.
Only two critic in this so far, is the lack of an overall map and so much micro management.
I am sure this will be sorted however.
Nice game devs, with lots of very good subjects not seen in other game’s like this.

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I am having the same issue. No mods being used here either.