Farthest Frontier v0.8.2 + v0.8.2a + v0.8.2b


  • Fixed an issue where villagers would continue performing their task even if it resulted in them starving to death. Villagers once again correctly seek food.


  • Fixed missing localizations that were translated but were not showing up in-game. The Town Center/Graveyard relocation window tags will appear in English until the next localization pass in a future update.

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Major New Features


[Major New Features]

  • The Town Center and Graveyard can now be relocated at the cost of gold. The gold cost scales with the Town Center’s tier and the Graveyard’s size and number of graves.
  • Arborist buildings have received a mechanical overhaul. Fruit trees can now be placed in 1x1, 2x2 and 3x3 grids. Arborist workers now assist in planting and replanting fruit trees. By default, fruit trees are now automatically replanted after they are culled. This setting can be toggled in the Arborist building window.
  • Compost Yards now automatically deposit compost in crop fields. By default, the setting is set to Lowest Fertility, but can be toggled to Highest Fertility or Off per Compost Yard.
  • Steam Cloud save has been enabled for the game. By default, your saves will be synced with Steam Cloud. Please note that we have no access to your Steam Cloud data, and cannot restore saves in the event of issues.

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  • Camera can now also be rotated with the keyboard, default bindings Q and E.
  • Optimized road placement to reduce hitching.
  • Optimized AI logistics for item requests to improve performance.
  • Building occupation slots now indicate that they are unavailable if production is toggled off.
  • Building occupation slots can now be edited while production is toggled off or halted.
  • Fixed an issue where sound calls would accumulate when the game is alt-tabbed out, then play all at once when maximizing the game window.
  • Fixed an issue where volume settings would reset when returning to the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling off death notifications in the game settings would not actually disable them.
  • Fixed an issue where typing in a negative number in the Trade UI when a merchant is both buying and selling would treat the request as a buy order.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to recruit educated workers, ex. in the School or Healer’s House, and no free villagers are available would not always display the window to select from existing educated villagers.
  • Fixed an issue where equipment icons would remain stuck in the building UI after selecting a tower or barracks and then another building, or when removing soldiers.
  • Fixed an issue where fences built on the corner of 2 gates would have an incorrect shape.
  • Fixed an issue where graveyards could be built on other graveyards.
  • Fixed an issue where other objects could be placed inside of graveyards.
  • Fixed an issue where traders would arrive with excessively long departure time.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling a build site or road can result in trees and rocks becoming unmarked for harvest on nearby build sites/roads, preventing their construction.
  • Fixed an issue where fruit trees and crop field drop-off points would block arrows.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by missing localization tags.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a home may upgrade to the next tier without meeting desirability requirements due to nearby construction of a Cobbled Road.

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  • Monthly Gold Report now has a detailed breakdown of service costs, rather than lumping them into one value.
  • Immigration rates now scale more dynamically with population
  • Build Menu now lists how many of a building you have in town when hovering over build options.
  • The English version of the intro cinematic now features subtitles. This was already the case for translations.
  • Production can now be toggled in all production buildings (ex. mines)
  • Soldiers now display shields in their equipment when selecting the Barracks.
  • Wolf Dens are now capped per area based on difficulty (no more wolf superclusters).
  • Boar spawners are now much easier to displace by buildings and crop fields.
  • Shelters now correctly list Increased Income as one of their upgrade bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where field expansions would not displace animal spawners.

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For those who want to use local saves rather than cloud saving, right click on the game’s icon in your Steam library, go down to Properties and over to General, then make sure this box is unticked.


Is the 0.8.2 update available?

0.8.2 업데이트를 어디에서 어떻게 확인 할 수가 있습니까?

Yes, patch notes wouldn’t be out if it wasn’t.

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Yes, thank you. It didn’t load for me, but updated just now. Maybe in Europe it takes longer for the patch to update.

I really want to see harbour and boats in game. It will be interesting

Unlikely since I’m in Europe and updated it last night.

Not happening any time soon.

I want to say that the commercial building has become not enough to have only two workers in it. Please increase the number of workers in it with promotion

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Which building exactly?

can we increase the capacity of the yard worker carrying the waste… or include many houses waste at once and drop them at Yard… which means it can be limited per house to carry the waste not all the waste a time per house… it would balance the work load or travel time as the Yard needs to be away from the houses for desirability issue…

i could see if the Tier level balances the houses and number of Yards then when the pop reaches above the limited number per the TIER level, it would mean to show the YARD max capacity of houses it can reach… this will help to add one or more Compost YARDs to the town…

Think he means trading post. And I agree, when we upgrade it from lvl1 to 2, it would make more sense to add more people that supply it rather than maintain 2.

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Hotfix going up imminently.


  • Fixed missing localizations that were translated but were not showing up in-game. The Town Center/Graveyard relocation window tags will appear in English until the next localization pass in a future update.
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I’ve said something like this before, and your description is a little confusing but it sounds to me like you’re suggesting that some stops not pick up all the waste at a house so the worker can move on to other houses and pick some up at each. This would not be reasonable for the fact that waste is more likely dumped from a container like a pot or box and poured into the wheel barrel being used to haul it away. Taking time to measure out any portion of this only so you can make another trip back to pick up the rest later makes no sense.

What I feel does need to happen though is that the worker have a set limit on how much he can pick up, then visit a house and see if it has less then this limit. If so, pour it into his inventory. Then move on to the next house. If it has more than he can fit in his inventory, pour in what he can and return to the compost yard.

This will reduce the number of trips back and forth, and allow him to perform much more like they really did. Even the leper carts piled up bodies from multiple houses.

When I was a child in Japan (my father was ‘commuting’ to the Korean War) the Honey Buckets were the waste collectors, and they moved on a set route every day, so that you could be pretty sure when they were coming by and have your Waste Container waiting for them. It wasn’t their job to come into your home and collect from every separate chamberpot, just to collect a single container from the building or home.
Assuming a similar ‘mechanic’ in the game, then each Compost Collector should visit each House once before going back to any house, and when the time between visits is too great, the Waste Icon shows up over houses and you know it’s time to add another Collector or Compost Yard. I have no idea what the exact programming for the Compost collecting is now, but the graphics of the collector, from what I’ve seen, do not follow any pattern and depending on the residence can visit the same house more than once while not visiting others at all.
As @KeySmasher posted, having a set limit on what the Collector can carry, and then having a set ‘round’ from which he collects, which could be based on a radius defined by roads, upgraded roads and paths (which, coincidentally, would finally give an in-game Reason to have houses on paths or roads) would both provide a definable limit on how many houses and residents one Collector can service, and also make planning for the efficient collection easier for the gamer.

@KeySmasher @Boris_Gonagan I agree both of you… it would be nice to keep either way to collect the waste quickly from more than one house a travel time… instead one house per travel time does not make sense…

Compost workers have no limit to the volume they can carry, but they are limited to a single house waste transfer per trip.

No trip is requested for removal until after the minimum accumulation of four is stored, but regardless of quantity, the worker removes all each trip.

When your first compost yard is built, you can see loads in excess of 50 units per being transported from shelters, depending on how long you wait to build it and how much is built up.

As such, a single compost yard worker could empty every home on a street each trip, and still not be overloaded.

Improving this specific logistic/transport issue would go a long way in breaking the cookie-cutter mold that proximity demands create in city-builders.

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I have noted some pretty big loads being moved by the Composters, but didn’t know if there was a specific numerical limit or not.

Definitely agree on the ‘Standard Compost Placement’ issue: 1 tile past where negative desirabilty effects hit the nearest residence, Compost Piles on every side of town possible to get maximum coverage. The town, I presume, Reeks from every angle . . .

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