Farthest Frontier v0.9.1 + v0.9.1a


  • Fix for inconsistent Planks production between tier 1 and tier 2 Saw Pits.
  • Fix for Raider camps being unable to attack on Trailblazer difficulty.
  • Fix for Storage Limits resetting when relocating or upgrading a storage building.
  • Added additional logging to address critical villager errors that can cause the entire town to freeze up.

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Major New Features


Note: with this update, some desirability bonuses have been reduced. This will likely cause some of your shelters to become at risk of abandonment, but it can be compensated for by upgrading existing desirability buildings or placing new ones. This was a necessary change as we continue to develop the game towards v1.0.

[Major New Features]

  • Raider camps are now generated on the map. These nefarious foes will readily plunder your fledgling settlement, but you will have the opportunity to wipe them off the map to postpone future raids and earn some loot in the process. Oh, how the tables have turned! This feature requires rolling a new map as raider camps cannot be generated retroactively.
  • Crypts have been added to the game. These hallowed buildings allow you to respectfully store hundreds of your town’s deceased in a much smaller space.
  • Droughts can now occur, which prevents rainfall and damages crop harvests. Certain crops are more resistant to drought conditions.
  • Different Map types now have different weather. For example dryer (ex. Arid) maps more likely to experience droughts, blizzards are more likely in Alpine maps, etc.
  • Storage Buildings (ex. Stockyard) now have storage limits. Select a resource and you can set minimum and maximum quotas which will dictate how much of that resource is desired in that building. Laborers will maintain storage throughout town based on the values you set.
  • With the addition of the Storage Limits feature, the resources that were previously stored in the Trading Post but counted towards the town’s resources (so called limbo storage), are now properly transferred out to appropriate storage buildings.

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  • Updated building stocking behavior to better account for the number of workers, existing work orders, and the weight of the items needed to prevent workers idling while they wait for production materials to stock.
  • Explore points are now cancelled if reaching them requires a villager to retreat or gets them killed.
  • You can now toggle screen edge scrolling in the game settings.
  • You can now manually set the display monitor for the game in the video settings.
  • Buildings that are upgrading can now be selected and controlled. The build site can be selected through the building’s window.
  • Debug information has been added for the villagers stuck issue. If you experience this issue and a message appears on your screen, please send us the log that was generated!
  • Villagers now stop retreating when the threat is killed (ex. a villager fleeing from a bear will stop and return to work if the bear is killed, rather than retreating across town first).
  • Villagers now avoid recovering the deceased if there is a threat nearby (ex. wolves or raiders).
  • Optimized Desirability overlay when placing desirability buildings (ex. Theater).
  • Fixed an issue where building placement tooltips could overlap the building…placement.
  • Fixed an issue where occupation slots would become empty and could not be filled.
  • Fixed an issue where hunters can get stuck in a loop with traps.
  • Fixed an issue where herders would not perform any tasks besides herding.
  • Fixed an issue where production buildings would restock when there was only space for a couple additional items despite there being enough materials to produce goods.
  • Fixed an issue where production limits would disable desirability effects on buildings (ex. Bakery).
  • Fixed an issue where preserves were not preventing scurvy.
  • Fixed an issue where villagers would continue to retreat after the threat was dealt with.
  • Fixed an issue where hunters would sometimes retreat from a wounded boar.
  • Fixed an issue where raid notifications may show inaccurate raider counts.
  • Fixed an issue where raiders could telepathically attack buildings at a distance when dealing with sheer cliffs.
  • Fixed an issue with wounded villagers continuing to perform tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Guild Halls and Temples could be placed.
  • Fixed an issue where defensive buildings (ex. Towers) would count towards housing counts for Entertainment and Spirituality buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where Bloody Stone of Idrick was not granting its bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where Hair of Saint Hadia were not granting its bonuses and added its bonus to the Yield detailed tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where Rat Catcher placement would not highlight what buildings are within its work area.

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  • Increased population growth in 700+ population towns.
  • Increased Spirituality generation from Temples, Shrines, and Altars.
  • Villagers now have a chance to die during childbirth, based on Healthcare Adversity difficulty. This risk is reduced by a Healer’s House.
  • Lookout Tower guards are now in stasis and remain in their post without the need to stock.
  • Villagers now resume their regular tasks sooner than soldiers/guards when given manual move commands.
  • Soldiers and Guards now have priority over hunters for grabbing weapons.
  • The Annual Report now has a keybind.
  • A new tutorial has been added for low builders.
  • Wolves now generate Small Carcasses, with reduced Meat.
  • Reduced Meat from Deer.
  • Reduced Fertility dependency and depletion of Flax and Buckwheat.

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  • Increased health and armor on various storage buildings, Town Center, Trading Post, and Barracks.
  • Birth rates in Barns now scale with number of Herders, based on the size of the herd. Having insufficient herders to maintain your herds can result in reduced birth rates.
  • Cows can now go rogue and seek out nearby unfenced crops.
  • Fixed an issue with Healer’s House and School desirability applying at 100% effectiveness regardless of distance. They now correctly have a fall-off curve like other desirability buildings.
  • Reduced desirability for the Flower Urn.
  • Reduced desirability for the tier 1 and 2 Shrine.
  • Reduced desirability for the tier 2 Temple.
  • Reduced desirability for the tier 1 and 2 Theater.

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  • Increased prices of some items, notably Tools, Weapons, and Stone.
  • Increased spoilage time for Preserves.
  • Increased lifetime for Barrels.

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This information has not already been given?

No, not in it’s complete form.

are you kidding about the wolf and the deer, it’s so hard to eat and you are reducing the number of these animals


I got tons of meat in Vanquisher Arid Highlands. Protein was by far my greatest food source, but couldn’t reduce it due to needing all that leather, especially in late game.

People love to complain. It was broken how far just 3-4 hunters could carry a town, even on vanquisher and the most sparsely deer-populated maps.

I like the change, because I’d have endless meat spoilage just hunting enough to ensure a steady supply of hides and tallow. This will bring things back in line.


V0.9.1a hotfix 1 is now live to address some issues:

  • Fix for inconsistent Planks production between tier 1 and tier 2 Saw Pits.
  • Fix for Raider camps being unable to attack on Trailblazer difficulty.
  • Fix for Storage Limits resetting when relocating or upgrading a storage building.
  • Added additional logging to address critical villager errors that can cause the entire town to freeze up.

I tried playing 10 min ago but I couldn’t …
The resolution has been modified by the sistem myabe when updated , and when I try to modify it nothing happens …
I wear sight glasses and need a lower resolution .
I’ll be imposible for me to play the game if I cannot modify the resolution of it .

Clover crops now give negative fertility… bug?

As I have left in a post, in my case I play in peaceful and pioneer mode (the easiest) in many of my maps, only a few deer appear and there is never fresh meat and skins. It doesn’t matter how many hunters you have, there are no animals to hunt, and wolves, bears never appear, only deer and 4. It is a big problem, no fresh meat or skins. :exploding_head:(Translated with Google)

Are you overhunting them? Should have only 1 hunter per 3 chevron spawn (before hunters go at them), or either 1 hunter per 2 chevron or 2 hunters between 3 2 chevron spawns (at least until they turn into 3 chevrons). As your town grows, you will get easier access to further away spawns.
(I don’t remember if the spawns repopulate faster in the lower difficulty levels, if they do don’t add more than 1 hunter per 2x 3 chevron spawns).

With foraging, try to keep foraging to herbs>reeds in that early game. You can transfer excess herbs to the trading post to wait for a trader who’s buying them, for some easy early cash. Find the berries closest to the root cellar(s) near your houses and check Harvest and Prioritised. Villagers will eat the quickly spoiling berries first and save your slowly spoiling smoked meat/fish. Later if you disable berries in root cellars but keep them in one near your industry, the villagers there will grab them when hungry and this avoids a lot of Scurvy.

When you have a marketplace(s), disable it from holding raw meat/fish. This will make sure it gets smoked and extend your supply.
Don’t make more than a slight excess of Hide Coats and Shoes. I reduce the workers in my Tanneries to 1 usually after building them, and keep an eye on storage.

After this your priority is first a set of 3 farms on a good darkest green spot, all right next to each other. Start with 6x6 (but plan your fences to extend to 6x12 later) if you’re low on pop and drop them to at least 2 workers while your initial maintenance is getting done, then 3 when the field starts the rotations.
A great rotation is one year peas first thing and at the end of the season since they’re great with frost, and this evens out the food supply over the year of these quickly spoiling crops. Now that farmers auto-till fields when they don’t have other jobs, you no longer need to put maintenance between them and can let them do other farmer jobs, help other fields, etc.
Next year turnips also on either side of the frosts, with clover in between.
Next year clover from the start then flax straight after.
Since fields get worked on one at a time, I start the first one to be rid of rocks and weeds to start with peas, and on the other fields I stagger the start of their production to just be clover until they start their turn with pea year in the pattern below.

Have each of the 3 fields follow this rotation starting with a different one, this will keep production even and avoid any spread of diseases. You can pretty much ignore diseases this way, even on Vanquisher (as long as other sets of fields have at least 3 tiles of not-farm between them). Surround the 6x12 + surrounding fences + gates with Apiaries, and you can collect the Honey and sell them when the uncommon trader buying them for easy gold.

Later apply the same principle to a set of 3 wheat fields; 6x6 if low on villagers, but fenced so they can extend later to 6x12. At any given year, one field is growing clover then wheat, one clover then buckwheat, and one just clover.
6x6 after all maintenance/pre clover is done will supply grain for 1 baker and, with your turnip harvest, give you all you need for Cattle in a barn. Honey and excess herb gold will make it easier to afford cattle. If you can afford 5 at first, you will be on the quickest path to reaching 10 (I will need someone playing after the last patch to confirm if this is how it works still, thinking about it. Before 5 cattle guaranteed 1 birth)

If my last bit is still accurate, then you will have 2 cattle slaughtered per year, providing you with a ton of meat and bunch of skins, and more tallow you can use.

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