Fashion Dawn

I’m loving these two guys above :slight_smile:

@Willnoword Don’t want to hear ‘too many buttons’ on these forums since there’s GDAutocaster :wink:
With my current FoI Infiltrator when I hold Right Click, first Inq. Seal is cast (forced to be closer so that I’m in its range, then Word of Pain to proc devo then I start channeling FoI like 150ms later :slight_smile: Or in another WoP + Solael’s Flame +Inq. Seal cast one after another after pressing Space. Not to mention those temporary buffs like Blood of Dreeg or Word of Renewal cast automagically.
Or two Movement skills bound to one button, firing one after another when you hold it.


That’s a beautiful transmog, well done! :+1:. Reminded me of my old Havoc Tactitian and the problem of finding black pants for his appearance :laughing:.

(yes, in-game it looks much more amazing. And these pistol augments, how to hide them?..)

Yes, scripts sound useful. Maybe, I will consider using them in the future. For now… All right, I stop complaining about “too many buttons” :laughing:.


Yes, the pants are not obvious, don’t match perfectly but still the best I could find.

Some transmogs look well in-game, others well in the picture, for example this purple guy above doesn’t look even half as good in-game.

This is some kind of bug (frosty aura). I stumble upon it from time to time, don’t really know a sure way to get rid of it. Maybe change transmog to another with different kind of aura.

In my case, it is not a bug. Unfortunately, there is no in-built way to hide augment visual effects except using a weapon with its own aura. I thought, maybe there is another way that I still do not know. Well, thanks for helping anyway :slightly_smiling_face:.

“The Village”

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Lightning Forcewave with Elemental Storms, Arcane Bombs, Wind Devils and Nova procs.



Lightning forcewave looks so damn sexy!

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My former Clairvoyant Warlock embraced the dark side :smiling_imp:. And became much more powerful, to be honest.

Seriously, Aether is weaker now than Chaos with all those nerfs :frowning_face:. At least, for Warlocks.


Recreation of a great illusion by @RektbyProtoss




Yeah that one is nice, Dawnshard illusions on everyhing :smiley: I wish it also came in other colors, like red and blue …

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“Voidier” version of my Black Flame Warlock. I like it more.


Amazing! Although I loved the previous one I didn’t like the boots but this is perfection. I might steal this one.

Glad you appreciated it :slightly_smiling_face:. Yeah, I could not find appropriate boots for “fire” version, so took more or less… neutral, maybe?

People stealing fashion now instead of builds smh…


He just reacted to it

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accusing someone of stealing the dawnguard illusion is like accusing a builder with an ulto primal strike build.


I actually didn’t notice that

  • there are so many of these pieces that you can make a whole illusion out of it
  • that it looks so well in-game

I did many Primal Strike builds though :wink:

exactly! that’s the joke :wink:

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what are those shoulders in the upper right transmog?