Faster way to transfer component

One thing i find to be annoying is when i have to transfer all components from my bags to my transfer stash one by one.
Would it be possible to add a button near the one that reorganise items in bags, to automaticaly transfer component to opened stash from inventory ?

I wish they would make a component stash exclusive for the components, where all the components are auto stacked and stored and using a single button when visiting the fencer, all the inventory components will be stored in this special tabs. And, it would be awesome to have components auto loot and auto stack in inventory.

Honestly Hold Shift and click on the component. Once the inventory is reorganised they all follow each other. An half screen inventory take like 5 seconds to transfer so it ain’t that much of an issue.

Has been suggested a lot, but gets another +1 from me :wink:

That would be my #1 qol feature

Path of Exile has stash tab for components and their parts and it’s probably one of the best things to buy from their cash shop. I’d definitely like to see one added to Grim Dawn. The auto stash button could also be good, but I’d want a way to lock components so they don’t get transferred.

That’s true. GW2 also has a collection tab where all the mats can be stored (stacked to 250 by default but can be increased through cash shop). You just click a button on your inventory and all the mats are automatically stored in the collection. Individual storing is also possible.