Fastest way to lvl 100?

Been doing HC and the eventual reroll due RIP is getting too lenghty for my tastes, what’s the fastest route to lvl 100?

First get these items which all grant a bonus to XP:

Then concentrate on doing quests. Kill trashs mob but ignore heroes if possible.

In theory this should be the fastest way, but since you’re playing HC this might also be the fastest way to end your journey prematurely. Some of those items make you quite squishy :wink:

There’s a little trick though: only wear those XP-bonus items when turning in quests, otherwise wear your regular armor. This is slower but safer. Or try to find a middle ground by wearing only some items from the list.

don’t die. 100% of the time it works 100% of the time.

well i was mostly interested on non-orthodox ways of leveling. is there a way to get rushed by a higher level player? i have buddies that play with me so we’re looking for the fastest track to recoup after a hiccup.

Fastest way is gdstash

Can’t you get your buddy to fast travel you to quest targets and have him deal with them? You host a game, chow a xp potion and grab some quests, he then portals you to the target and “completes” them? Not sure if that works, I don’t play multiplayer.

only interested in legit ways. :wink:

First char will always be slow, but needs to try to survive Long enough to become revered with Malmouth Resistance (act6 faction) to buy xp pots and also get the merits from act 7 (FG) from the generic shop next to the smith in ultimate (elite). The merits allow you to skip normal/elite difficulties and more importantly give you all rift gates from normal/elite. Killing lokarr in first char is really not that easy especially on HC, so that’s usually something for your 2nd char imo.
You can also check out this video I made about how to speedlvl once you got the merit and xp pots: