Feasibility of UI modding right now?

Just wondering, is there any way to do a UI mod to display extra stats or anything similar?

To me it looks like most we can hope for at the moment is minimally adjust what is there, not add new fields and menus.
At least when talking about the official tools and files available.

Using stuff like Cheatengine and direct engine hacks is possible, but official means would be preferred.

I did look into the Inventory, but from my understanding, there are a multitude of fields to edit to just increase the visible area, mind, I did not truly go that far since I suspect the engine to prevent that in some way, but I’d gladly be proven wrong.
I do presume additional extra sacks beyond 6 are not possible due to aforementioned reasons.

Just as much as adding buttons to allow managing more Masteries.
I do have a char with 6 masteries maxed and can reset that, but not in game, yet.
Currently I have to use cheatengine to reset masteries and then undo class selection if I want to change the skills I want my all class toon to sport.
I have solved the issue of being OP by maxing the classes. both in CE and game, but little point to it if the UI is as limited as it is right now.

If it is possible I’d want to make extra buttons to allow for managing each class directly.

uhm, yeah, rant off, just answer some of the questions raised, thanks.

Some minor UI edits have been done to get 9 masteries to fit on the screen. (See tutorials sticky) A lot of the UI is also in the dbr files, which would allow it to be edited. (I’m working on stash UI, hope to release tonight but busy.) Lastly, we don’t know what we can’t do yet, we haven’t hit the wall.

so may be you know how we can show player points or timer on the screen?

If you want to dump a lot of data, maybe:

If you want to modify the HUD:

The master HUD layout:
GD\mod\YOURMOD\records\ingameui\ui load tables\ui_hud.dbr


I should specify more masteries, i meant more than 2 concurrently, at the same time, not total, i have seen that.
9 masteries are already prepped in the files and dbr code all over.

what i want is more classes managed at the same time, ie all currently available 6 classes there are.

impressive, am looking forward to your inventory ui mod.
tried again, it is easy to allow placement of more inventory items,
but the background refuses to extend.

tried adding a 6th button for another sack, but the game ignored that.
if i missed something please correct me, does not look like there is much ui modding possible without engine support for it.

8 classes. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37990
Must sleep now, will inv mod upon waking.