Feature request: better zoom

Hello there,

Thanks for creating this beautiful game!
IMO, Grim Dawn is the best ARPG game since 2005, when Dungeon Siege 2 was released.
The graphics is superb, however I think the game is missing some features for making it easier and more enjoyable to play it. In other words - I think the user interface and the user interaction should be a bit better.

One of the issues is the zooming, where I would like to place the following feature requests:

  • Implement more zoom in, so the player can enjoy closer looks at their characters and at mobs and even at the objects in the world
  • Allow zooming while the game is paused - and don’t turn the image gray while the game is paused, and move the “Game Paused” notice to the bottom of the screen, so the players can take nice screenshots.