Feature request: Clearer visual for skill cooldown

As I have been running around fitting swords in the various critters of Cairn, I’ve noticed that it would be great if there was an easier way to see when skills come out of cooldown. As it is, the player either has to keep an eye on the small skill icon in the action bar which isn’t exactly something you want to do in middle of a fight, or you have to smash the button until the skill activates.

I would prefer if there was something clearer, like a large enough easy to see icon somewhere on the screen that pops up when you use a skill, showing how long the cooldown lasts and dissapears when the cooldown runs out with a noticeable visual cue. Something you would see and notice without actually having to look straight at it. That way the player could keep his eyes where the action is and also have mercy on the poor keyboard.