[Feedback] A list of visual effects that might need some moar love

Lets gather some feedback on the current state of visual effects and which might need some moar love.

  • The exploding effect when you open a dynamite chest
  • Flame Torrent
  • Fire Fragments of item procs
  • Loot sparkle of double rare items --> could be different and make them stand out more

PS.: Thanks for the continuous support and improvements to this awesome game!

You can tweak the loot filter to only show double rates, and in the upcoming update there’s going to be the option to always show double rares. Either way you can just filter everything else out if you’re really trying to identify double rares.

I nominate Oblivion skill, it looks a bit rough and underwhelming

All of the WPS transmuters could use their own effects. I would also nominate the whirlpool proc on leviathan as underwhelming.

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